Year Two – June

June…. hopefully will end better than it started!

And I am glad to see it has… what an amazing month to take photos…

  • I photographed my first badger
  • I spent a couple of days exploring the Purbeck coastline
  • I got to go to Pembrokeshire and photography Puffins
  • I have completed a variety of commercial work
  • I have had fun!

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Year Two (56) – Inspired

Following on from yesterday’s post, I took a walk with my camera along the shingle bank at Keyhaven to Hurst Castle and just thought about what about what I could photograph, I thought about recording the moment, I remembered back when there was an old building on the spit which was washed away by the storms and I remembered that it is important to record what is there, as well as enhancing an image to make something more out of it.

Different views of the Lighthouse

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Year Two (55) – Learning

Monday night was members night at Southampton Camera Club, where 4 brave (or foolish) club members stand up in front of the rest of the membership and share something fascinating about their photography, and what an enlighting evening it was… with members talking about a variety of topics.

Colour Calibration

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Year Two (54) – Puffins

A bucket list opportunity to visit Skomer Island and see the Puffins. Skomer is about 6 hours from where I live, it is an island and only has about 150 people land on it every day – once you are there, you are there until your return boat….  for me that is a real challenge, my son has a medical condition which means he needs support with little notice so to leave him at home, drive for 6 hours, then to catch the boat to the Island and be there for 6 hours before I can return… was risky.

But we did it!

Puffin – popping his head out of the burrow with flash!

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Year Two (53) – A badger

This for me is a wow photo. I had never seen a real wild badger until this year, then whilst in Purbeck the other weekend, a badger darted out in front of us and I saw my first one… I never got a photo but I got an experience. Continue reading

Year Two (52) – Poppies, after the rain

I found a field of poppies 🙂 right after it rained, which meant that the delicate poppy flowers were suffering from rain and wind damage – so they were not perfect… but as I was a long way from home, I decided that it was still worth taking the opportunity to take some photos.

It was late evening the lights was dull, so it was a question of using the camera’s ISO settings and a shallow aperture to create light or introducing the flash, to create a different look.

F5, 1/160 sec, ISO200, Flash
F5, 1/160 sec, ISO200, Flash

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Year Two (51) – Lauren

Off to the Old Bakery last night and the theme was dancing – we had two dancers turn up, but I focused on only one of them – Lauren. I picked her up before the shoot, and discovered she had never had her photo taken as a dancer / model and she was a little nervous… I told her that the group of photographers were equally nervous… and they she was in charge…

Photography and Dance is fun – the perfect facebook splat!

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Year Two (50) – Reptiles, Raptors and Owls

I had the opportunity to attend another Photo Experience Day at Liberty’s and had a fantastic time getting up close to a variety of creatures. An experience day is an opportunity to get closer or to be shown a different view of things to photograph – it is not really a day where you are told how to use your camera or how to get the best from it – they is usually a photographer on hand to answer your questions but it is more about providing the opportunity.

The Liberty Eagle – Handled as part of the Adult Falconary Experience Day at Liberty’s in the New Forest

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Year Two (49) – Wheels

I visited the Wheels Festival at Bournemouth at the weekend and had an amazing time … I am not a car fan, but I  do like taking photos and challenging myself to take different images and spending the day experimenting with my camera made me realise how far my photography has developed since I last visited.

Last visit – I played it safe, I stuck in Aperture priority and took some photos – too of which appeared in my introduction to my 365 blog back at the start of 2015, this time I was using Manual, Shutter Speed priority and thinking a lot more about what I wanted the end results to be… and this is some of the highlights of my day.


You can also view a video of some of the parking on my twitter feed, head on over to:

Or view some photos in my Wheels Album 2016.