Year Two (48) – Purbeck Hills and Coast

I escaped for a few days away enjoying the Purbeck Hills and coastline – the challenge for any traveling photographer is what kit to take and what to use … I was really pleased with my selection and think I got it right for the locations I was visiting… so I thought I would share.

  • A good quality comfy rucksack
  • Travel Tripod (as light as you can carry comfortably)
  • A camera – I took my full frame 5D mark ii
  • 24-300mm lens – it’s heavy, but it is versatile and enables me to capture a range of images… zooming in and shooting wide.
  • 16-35mm lens, as with landscape shots I knew at times I wanted to capture the view… I could also focus a lot closer than with my zoom lens as I wanted to capture both my hubby and me in some of the images – record shots to show we were there!
  • Comfy shoes … we walked miles
  • Polarising filter to capture the best of the seascapes.

I noticed on this holiday how my photography style has changed, and how I wanted to capture more … mid day the light was harsh, some places were too busy with people – they add a sense of scale… but to many and you can’t enjoy the location. I wanted the sky to have clouds and details, I wanted gentle lighting and I wanted something in the foreground to focus on … just capturing the view was not enough… I am a lot fussier!

Anyway … these are the highlights:

It was great to be able to experiment with a few different techniques too … among these images you may spot:

  • A handheld HDR image – created to capture the evening sunset
  • A panorama
  • A vintage styled shot
  • A selfie on a tripod with remote release
  • A long exposure image with a ND filter.

Photos from my previous trip can be found here – Isle of Purbeck

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