Year Two (53) – A badger

This for me is a wow photo. I had never seen a real wild badger until this year, then whilst in Purbeck the other weekend, a badger darted out in front of us and I saw my first one… I never got a photo but I got an experience.

This weekend I was sat in my camper van at dusk when I looked out the window and saw a badger run through the next field, I grabbed my camera, reduced the aperture, wound up the shutter speed and there was another one….

OK – I clicked – I only took one shot, realised the shutter speed was too slow – I had not got enough time to set it up as the ISO was capped to 1250 max… so I panned!

Wild Badger at Dusk.

OK – it is a blur, but I only got one shot …  and for me it is am amazing shot …  a wild badger, not in captivity, running across a field at dusk – no flash, no warning, just a moment in time!

If is something on my bucket list of things I wanted to photograph… and I have suceeded … now I just need to improve if I get the opportunity again!