Year Two – July

Where is time going… the months are just whizzing past… 19months after starting my photography blog, and I think things are clicking into place! Continue reading

Year Two (88) – Motorbikes

Another opportunity to photograph bikes with the Old Bakery photography group – I say another opportunity as one of the first sessions I attended and blogged about was a motorbike shoot – you can revisit it here – memories from September 2015.

Year Two (87) – Scavenger Hunt Revisit

A year ago my camera club did a scavenger hunt – earlier this week they repeated the activity, only this year fewer members came along for the challenge -and I have come to realise very few photographers in the group taking photos out of their preferred subject but for me that is part of the challenge, and an evening where you are sent off with a subject to capture … helps you get to know other club members, see what their skills are and how flexible their approach is … it is not about the most amazing images imo it is about seeing how people think and work as a team.

This year we were in teams of 4,  we had 2 hours to choose 6 photos from 6 subjects – take the images, resize and rename them before judging! Continue reading

Year Two (86) – Water Play

Toddlers are fun, two little boys playing in a paddling pool is great fun, but as I had no choice over the setting and we were in bright sunshine with a bright pink paddling pool, the shoot cause for some creative thinking – a reflector put the pool in the shade, adding some fill flash brighten up the shadows and turning the images into black and white created a timeless feel.

Paddling Pool Fun
Boys having fun!

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Year Two (67) – Photos matter

Photos matter – they really do matter – when you are an online business marketing your product then the right image that the person sees when they first click on your page actually makes a difference to whether they read the content or not, and whether that first impression leads to a sell.

I was recently asked to capture some images of a traditional self catering property – I found their web site and I talked to the client – she wanted the photos taken in bright sunshine (a nightmare for photography) – I wanted to photograph them when they were dressed and ready for the next set of guests…

Clients images

I like to research the property if I can before visiting Continue reading

Year Two (66) – Silhouettes

Underexposing in the camera can make some great silhouette style images which can tell their own story, the ideal time is at dusk so you can capture the vibrant colours of the sunset.

My daughter and the photo buddy

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Year Two (65) – Colour

Back home and time to enjoy the flowers … my home town looks pretty and I just thought I would use today’s blog post to share some of the amazing flowers I spotted on my walk into town.

Back on my home patch!

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Year Two (64) – Still Smiling in Wales

I have a clever husband – he managed to rig me up a slow warming dry box in the awning of the tent, I removed the media and batteries from my Canon 5D mark III and left my camera there hoping it would somehow magic itself back to life and the Error20 – mechanical failure would disappear.

We left it there, we climbed a mountian, zipped down another and I sadly accepted that my camera would have to wait till I was home to fix it … and then I tried it again. It worked – no error message … so an evening stroll to see if I was fixed!

Evening stroll and finally a view

We finally had a view across the hills, the landscape is very different from the landscape at home and it was great to be able to hear the familiar “click” of my shutter. Continue reading

Year Two (63) – Go Pro or Go Home!

Big Zipper - Velocity

For about 2 years my husband has owned a Go Pro – I have finally borrowed it and decided to challenge myself to use it – I don’t like the fact that you have very little control over what you take to a certain extent, but I do like the fact it c an give you an insight into a different world of photography… and being taken along somewhere where I would not perhaps take a camera. Continue reading