Year Two (58) – Adding Extra

Taking photos is fun, deciding on ways to use and share those photos is even better – and the recent shoot that I undertook made me think it was time to add some more images to my greeting card collection – and the frogs jumped to my attention.

Tree Frog
Tree Frog – birthday cards!

As a designer I have to consider a variety of factors when creating a card –

  • The constraints of the printer – what the end size has to be and allow for bleeds
  • How the image converts to CMYK for RGB
  • The timeless value – I don’t want it to date too quickly
  • What message (if any) I want to include
  • How to get my card noticed …. and what I want the card to share emotionally – to me greeting cards are happy thoughts!

This is a collection of birthday and greeting card ideas I have created inspired by the tree frog:

I also used the opportunity to add a totally different style of editing to this shot, to me the frog on the phone box from the Frog shoot was depressed … so I added the storm I felt he was in, I darkened the cloud … I really felt the little frog was bogged down – it was raining, his despair was rising  and he was lost in his own storm …  his own depression… and if he really felt like that he should seek help from one of the organization there available to help.

We never know when someone is feeling like that – they often hide it away … but they do feel they are drowning in their own mind, trapped in the storm, with no way out and that no one cares …

Hopefully someone will reach out and the storm will pass.

Nobody Likes me – Depression … help!