Year Two (62) – Wet Wales

A few days away with my Border Collie, 2 of the teens and hubby camping with the challenge of doing the World’s Highest Zip Wire, walking up Wales’ tallest mountain and of course creating some photos and memories to treasure.

Corwen Station in Wales - A quick leg stretch and a steam train!
Corwen Station in Wales – A quick leg stretch and a steam train!

On the way we stopped off at the newly developed Corwen station nd I was fortunate enough to capture the steam train that was arriving … a great bend, a great view along the track and I was able to capture a steam train image that I was pleased with.

The next day, it was typical Welsh weather so we went for a walk near some waterfalls that I spotted on the map – and there the photo buddy met a stray Collie, who managed to convince me he was unloved and uncared for and once he had eaten all our cereal bars seemed much happier! Just round this corner, we saw his kennel and some sheep pens – we had been had! I was really pleased though with this photo and the interaction between the dog, my teen and my pup!

A stray Collie

The waterfall to the right, a great winding path and very wet weather – I had in mind careful compositions, slow shutter speeds and interesting foregrounds … but the weather was harsh, the water fast and everyone wanted to have their heads down and keep walking!

A wet Wales

The rain meant that my lens was always wet… I kept drying it, had the lens hood on, but the misty wet rain was consistent – here I included the humans as it gives a sense of scale to the image – it was a really dramatic spot… but I was wary of the speed of the water and did not want to slip on the wet rocks.

Waterfall .. and my teen for scale!

We walked into the mountains alongside the forest stream and well, the views were none existent, the mountains bleak and the rain relentless!

More and more rain
Wet, Misty mountains…

That was it – my last shot … say two of out holiday and my camera had a error message and would no longer let me take a photo … it was wet, I was wet, and although I had tried to keep it fry, maybe it had got wetter than I anticipated.  It was my Canon 5D Mark III too with an Error20 – which is a mechanical failure according to the manual so I am now stuffed!