Year Two (63) – Go Pro or Go Home!

For about 2 years my husband has owned a Go Pro – I have finally borrowed it and decided to challenge myself to use it – I don’t like the fact that you have very little control over what you take to a certain extent, but I do like the fact it c an give you an insight into a different world of photography… and being taken along somewhere where I would not perhaps take a camera.

My first attempt at GoPro Video is here, this I have edited in Photoshop CC. The idea of this was to push myself out of my comfort zone, I hate heights, I don’t like jumping into the unknown and well – Zip Wires, High Ropes etc are really not my thing – so when my teen suggested he wanted to go on the fastest Zip Wire in the World and the Highest in EuropeI remembered that it was important to step out of my comfort zone – so I rose to the challenge with the GoPro strapped to my head.

First is the Little Zipper…

I then did the BIG Zipper -it was an awesome experience … but I ran out of battery, so did not record the experience … but I would recommend.

In the same part of the country – one of my other teens wanted to climb Wales tallest mountain – Snowdon …I had the crazy idea I would take photos along the way… but I had camera failure – see my last post … so Go Home and sulk or Go Pro … I decided I would try something knew I rigged the Go Pro onto my rucksack, set it up to take a photo every 60 secs and for it to record our adventure to the top. I then opened Premiere Pro and attempted my first time lapse video….  we ran out of battery on the way down, the weather was varied, the clouds surrounded us at times – but it was an amazing adventure…. and for once I was glad I did not carry my heavy DSLR all the way up the mountain!

So the post title is confusing… but due to camera failure … the choice was to use the Go Pro to capture the memories or to Go Home without them … I am glad I choose to experiment with the Go Pro, maybe I will even look at the capabilities on Adobe Premiere more… it looks like it could be a great tool to use.