Year Two (66) – Silhouettes

Underexposing in the camera can make some great silhouette style images which can tell their own story, the ideal time is at dusk so you can capture the vibrant colours of the sunset.

My daughter and the photo buddy

It is important to make sure the silhouttes have a clear outline and that they tell a story… it is not as dark in this  image as you would have though due to the underexposure and the star burst effect on the sun is due to the aperture size of the shot – this was take at F10, 1/200sec and ISO800 as I was hand holding again!

Looking across the Forest

This was earlier in the evening and you can see the colour on the clouds and the weather front blowing through – the tree above and the beach below in silhouette help to frame the image.

using the beach and a tree to frame the photo

The shots don’t have to be limited to the evenings though – bright sunshine is fine, if you expose for the background, then a silhouette can be used to tell a story … here we know there a three people just sitting admiring the view … who they are does not matter, it is the view that counts and how peaceful you imagine it is to sit there with them.

At the beach in the Morning