Year Two – August

The eighth month… and a round up of some of the highlights

  • The professional photographer for a local event
  • On location photography fun
  • Published in the paper making the front page!
  • Experimenting more with flash

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Year Two (1oo) – Flash experiments

At the moment I have been taken pictures less and looking at light more, and experimenting with flash… I want to master better control over the light and get the light working for me… so I have been experimenting.

I started by using the grey card to set the exposure for the shot…I was shooting in manual, you can use a light meter, but I have been reading and watching on how to use a grey card instead…  grey cards can be used for setting the colour balance too – useful video here:

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Year Two (99) – Working with an assistant

Working with an assistant is great fun, not only do you have company on the shoot, some one to watch your back whilst you are creating images you also get to have your photo taken in action and you get to exchange ideas.

Our equipment:

  • Canon 5D mark iii
  • 28-300mm  canon lens
  • Canon 7D mark ii
  • Sigma 150-500mm lens

We swapped lens and cameras during the evening to get the shots and looks that we were going for… and I would have said prior to editing the Canon lens was better, but the Sigma got us closer to where we needed to be, especially on the crop camera.. It highlighted the importance significantly of having both cameras set up the same, and having them time synced.

Me – Taken on Canon 5D mark ii, 28-300mm lens taken by my assistant – ISO800, F3.5, 1/800 sec
My Assistant – Taken on Canon 7D Mark iii, 28-300mm lens taken by me – ISO 3200, 1/250sec, F5.6

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Year Two (98) – A beautiful Building

In 1995 I married my husband in our Parish Church, and recently I was invited back to take some photographs of the building… it is a beautiful church  and was built in 1859. It is a grade II listed building designed by the architect Charles Edward Giles, it has been largely unchanged since it’s original construction, barring the addition of a choir vestry in 1933 and an enlargement of the Lady chapel in 1948, more details of the building can be found at: Continue reading

Year Two (97) – Off to the Zoo

Marwell Zoo, August, a hot sunny day and a photographic challenge – not only were the animals hiding from the sunshine … when they were outside there was harsh shadows to deal with, lots of people bustling around and a real restriction in the ability to get the shot I wanted.

The animals were more active by the end of the day but photographically there were some huge challenges to overcome… Continue reading

Year Two (96) – Fun at the Park

A bright sunny day and a trip to the park to capture some memories of a family having fun, it was a great day – lots of challenges, freezing the moment, capturing the dynamic range of the shots, capturing fun – focusing on my subjects and trying to exclude the other people there… and looking at how I can capture a unique view of the occasion.

Hanging Around

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Year Two (95) – Fields of Yellow

I have notice on my wonder thought facebook some of my friends showing photos of sunflowers and thought I would capture some too… and add some sunshine…

In close - ISO200, F3.5, 1/1250 sec
In close – ISO200, F3.5, 1/1250 sec

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Year Two (94) – Studio Children

I love working with flash rather than studio lights as I think it is so much more portable… but you can create the studio high key look really well… but there are some tricks to getting the eye contact that you need to make the image work.

Robberts Family 03
Having fun in the “Peek A Boo” basket and listening for the squeak!

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Year Two (93) – Fun at the park

I love just capturing the moment … using the camera to capture families having fun, enjoy themselves and their children in a natural way… to me these are the shots that tell the story, that capture the moment, the enjoyment and the story…

Some favorite moments from a Family Picnic Styled Photoshoot.

Slides are fun at Moors Valley with mum.
Slides are fun at Moors Valley with mum.

The interaction between mum and child is what makes this image special, bright sunlight always a challenge, but you can see the love and care in the way the mum is supporting the little girl. Continue reading