Year Two – September

The ninth month, highlights from September.

  • Weddings, weddings and more weddings…
  • Outside Events
  • Hi Key Shots and product photography
  • Birthday Parties
  • Low Key shots and working with models
  • A trip to London

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Year Two (113) – London

Trying to get a different view of London is always a challenge and this time I found a view that was new to me…. and during this visit I only really had time for a short walk on the South Bank.

The sky started off grey and uninspiring, I tried looking for patterns and although I loved the pattern of the underside of the bridge near Black Friars, I did not line it up right and to bring back the detail I had to rely on HDR…

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Year Two (112) – Studio Shoot about working with models

Sometimes it is great working with other photographers and some times it is a challenge,  … the evening brief was “a night with models in the studio, how to place,communicate and work with models. Cameras will be required and they will be available to photograph during the second half of the evening” Continue reading

Year Two (111) – Nakd

Mmm… nakd photography…  this shot is all about keeping the camera settings exactly the same and just moving the light and of course nakd … so read on 🙂 Continue reading

Year Two (110) – More Family Fun

I love taking photos of children having fun and I love doing cake smashes.. this time I got to spend the afternoon with the little girl on her birthday to take some great photos… I love the challenges the shoot presents, the interactions and the moments… Continue reading

Year Two (109) – Still Life

Straight out of camera shots for product photography, getting the right light in camera makes editing a doodle – well, actually it reduces the editing to about nothing… today I was reinforcing the basics:

  • Set the white balance with the grey card
  • Exposing the background so the whites were white but not blown
  • Lighting the foreground so shadows were minimal
  • Experimenting with surfaces

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Year Two (108) – Grey Card

I used my grey card today to check and set up my exposure for a photoshoot using my Hi-Lite and soft box. It is really easy to do, and it is a great way to ensure that the light is balance correctly.

For the grey card to be exposed properly I am aiming for a peak in my histogram at around the hlaf way point, as that way I can  ensure the grey is exposed correctly…. the other peaks are due to the other artifacts I included in the scene. Continue reading

Year Two (107) – High Key animal portraits on location!

I have just got myself a great new hi-lite box which enables me to create a fantastic studio hi key background in a very minimal space, so I have a portable studio I can take pretty much anywhere, and create amazing hi key images. My challenge is to master putting it back in the bag … but I am sure I will.

Today I experimented with some animal shots… it is great taking animals in a natural setting, but it is also great to be able to take studio shots of them too… lucky for me, my favorite photo buddy has been trained to sit, so to make sure I am happy with the set up… I did some taster shots today, in some of the worse lighting… I am delighted with the results…

High Key Image

The challenge is to get an interesting facial expression on my photo buddies face… to start with he was not that interested. Continue reading

Year Two (106) -Product Photography

I went along to meet up with a small group of photographers in Fareham to have fun with flash, as I find it really beneficial to work with other photographers and learn some tips from those that are willing to share their knowledge. Simon was a great host and was able;e to gauge the ability of different group members really well, he had brought along a whole host of materials, gave us some great tips on how to create a consistent image and I picked up a few tips along the way. Continue reading