Year Two (103) – The ring shot

I wanted to work our how to take an iconic shot of a wedding ring, that makes a heart … so it was time to take a few moments to experiment. I used a bible, the flashlight on my i phone, I wanted to be able to recreate it in any situation… so it had to be things I had to hand as wedding rings are very important.

The first thing I realised was the importance of getting the right message in focus, within the heart … for the couple I was thinking of Love is why people get married, and the 13th is the day they got engaged… a perfect love story… and although the 24-70 lens at full zoom was OK, I wanted more detail so I thought I would try my macro lens.

ISO400, F3.2, 1/125 sec – 24-70mm lens at 70mm.

Exactly the same settings as above – but a much stronger shot in my opinion, with the book fold on the corner and with less text in focus. I used the shutter speed of 1/125 as I knew I could hand hold the 100mm focal length at that, and with my chosen aperture… I had to use a slightly higher ISO to get the shot.

ISO400, 1/125sec, F3.2 – 100mm macro

Increasing the ISO further means that the ambient light that I was talking about in the last post is more prominent – I added more to story, the colour co-ordinated confetti from the day.

ISO800, F3.2, 1/125sec

Due to my light experiments – I dialed down the ISO, popped the camera on a tripod, and made the shutter speed much slower … so almost the same shot – with different settings.

ISO200, F2.8, 1/15sec, 100 mm macro

What did I use the iphone light for … that was the easy bit – to create the heart… it was held at about a 45 degree angle, just out of shot but pointing towards the camera so that I could photograph the heart… an easy trick when you know how!