Year Two (104) – Wedding Details

It is also a great pleasure to photograph a wedding, but what makes a wedding special and unique to the couple in my opinion are the little details that they have created to make their day their own, and it is essential as a photographer to capture some of those movements, some of those looks and that says they are in love.

For me the most essential skills that a wedding photographer needs are:

  • Camera knowledge – how do you get the shot with low light when you can’t use a flash, how can you get the shot when the light is in the right place for a great sky, but the wrong place for the family group, knowing what settings you can use, how far you can push the camera and what light is available is the key
  • Great lens choice – you need to know the lens will work to capture the shot you want, the moment before it happens
  • Open eyes … you have to see the wedding, the stories unfolding and be ready to grasp the moment.

More images can be seen here: Sam and Dan