Year Two (109) – Still Life

Straight out of camera shots for product photography, getting the right light in camera makes editing a doodle – well, actually it reduces the editing to about nothing… today I was reinforcing the basics:

  • Set the white balance with the grey card
  • Exposing the background so the whites were white but not blown
  • Lighting the foreground so shadows were minimal
  • Experimenting with surfaces

ISO100, F4.5, 1/160sec
ISO100, F4.5, 1/160sec

This was on an acrylic background with the light behind making the flowers go a touch transparent .. having a used bottle of perfume is a negative point, and capturing the bottle without reflections is an added challenge.

ISO100, F9, 1/160sec
ISO100, F9, 1/160sec

A more reflective surface and an angle change .. the used bottle is not as noticeable – the reflections ass depth, and the aperture had to be increased so I had more depth of field, which meant increasing the light I was using.

More lighting experiments to come…