Year Two (110) – More Family Fun

I love taking photos of children having fun and I love doing cake smashes.. this time I got to spend the afternoon with the little girl on her birthday to take some great photos… I love the challenges the shoot presents, the interactions and the moments…

Lesson’s learned this time:

  • Visiting the space before hand is a great idea when i do location photos, I went along and met the older brother before the shoot as he was nervous around new people … this meant, he was less wary of me and much more willing to join in the fun!
  • Every one year old is different … this one was incredibly quick on her feet, reluctant to sit for long …
  • I love bath time photoshoots – once again the bathroom turned into a giant lightbox and I got some great shots of relaxed children.
Bow's 1st Birthday 1
Bow’s 1st Birthday teaser photo

This one I quickly edited on the day of the shoot and shared with mum, the mum had got a great birthday outfit, brought out some matching ballooms and got a great cake from Asda! I was careful when I took pictures to include empty space so I could crop them all to a 10×8 ratio and to get in to get some details.

Bow's 1st Birthday 8
Bow’s 1st Birthday Memories Collage

You never quite know how the little ones are going to react to the cake, the flash, the strange equipment… and although often looking to mum and nanny for reassurance… she did dig in and have a go – she wasn’t too keen on walking about in the cake crumbs though!

Bow's 1st Birthday 44
Bow’s 1st Birthday Memories collage

I just love this collection of images and expressions and the mess of the squidged cake at the end… a chat with mum before hand, had meant that she choose outfits that would focus on their faces rather than their clothing … I think you will agree the pink and blue go really well together and the photos showcase a great relationship!

Bow's 1st Birthday 59
Bow’s 1st Birthday Memories – all you need is Love!

The joys with editing the end album … is sometimes you can just create a fun image… using letters to frame the image is really easy to do!

Bow's 1st Birthday 72
Bathtime Collage

I love finishing a cake smash with a bath … the perfect way to get the children cleaned up, and the creative challenge of getting photos that show the fun and emotion of bathtime, but don’t show too much – instead capture childhood… this though is the first bathtime shoot I was joined with the family dog… he doesn’t like getting in the bath but he loves the bubbles and splashes! It is a memory moment for me

More photos from this babyshoot are here!

And this is what mum thought …

They are fab thank you – really caught my kids attitudes!!! Even some good ones of bear! 👍😍 can’t thank you