Year Two (122) – Model Portfolios

Photography is an adventure, it is about challenging my comfort zones and is about having fun, this week I got to meet an amazing local model to create some Boudoir and glamour images for her portfolio, and  it also meant that I was able to use my graphic design skills to add something to the images.

Meet Molly


Molly was great, she was open to ideas, she was fun to work with, she was aware of the light and she  alluded  body confidence, something that as a photographer we need to encourage.

I got some amazing images and some fun ones too…

Lady Molly 4
Photoshoped to remove the background and to add the saying on her wall.

In this image I removed the background, added the writing on the wall of her flat, as I felt that this was a good introductory shot… she could be anywhere… and my idea of a Boudoir session, starts with the model clothed – so you can see who they are…

Lady Molly 23
The essence of Boudoir

It is the details and the hints that make a boudoir session for me… I love to see the glimpses of detail, the relaxed hands, the location… and let the imagination tell the rest of the story… I also particularly like black and white. The challenge here was to make the most of the location….

Lady Molly 15
Her smile – body confident and relaxed

And her is Molly back lit against the window… what draws you to her, her eyes, her winning smile, to me that is what makes a great portrait – a relaxed happy person confident and relaxed with the photographer.

Lady Molly 34
A totally different style from me

Pushing the boundaries of photography, Molly dressed in leather trousers, topless and on the stairs of her communal flat… the light was amazing… and I wanted to capture a very different story and fantasy with some of the images…

And finally fun … Molly was a great sport – had some amazing facial expressions and was willing to have a laugh .. dressed in her underwear and a elf’s hat she made some great facial expressions and I am sure it will put a smile on Santa’s face…

Lady Molly 40
Molly reminded me of a cheeky Santa elf!

More photos of Molly can be found here: Molly’s album and I hope to add some more photos shortly as I have been invited to attend a studio day at the Art Asylum in Weymouth. Exciting times ahead!