Year Two (123) – Adding Autumn

I am looking to invest in another prime lens I think at some point, so I headed out in the New Forest today with my Canon EF 100mm macro lens to see if I could get it to shoot portraits for me the way I wanted to, as my current lens combination sometimes sees me shooting wider than I originally intended.

This was a swing that I found in the woodland, it was hard to position myself to get the framing of the image correct, and the light was very strong on the young person’s face. ISO100, F9, 1/400sec. I noticed in editing that instead of reflections in her glasses this time we got shadowing something else I need to watch for.

Natural Light on the swing

A teen doing what a teen does in the current era… it is amazing when you get a single these days. ISO400, F2.8, 1/400sec – I chose the wide aperture as I wanted to separate her from the woods beyond.

Being a teen

Another shading spot of woodland, this time to achieve shutter speeds of around 1/320sec I had to increase the ISO  to ISO3200, I am not 100% sure but I think I had to increase it as the narrow lens (it is only 58mm) and the lens hood reduces the amount of light that can enter.

With the Photobuddy

The challenge was of course to get the young person and the photo buddy to look at the camera …  or I think to look past the camera and somewehere else.

Look at the camera

The autumn colours are just beginning to appear but I wanted to know if I could process the image to create more autumn and by working with the colour adjustment layer and selective colours you can create a whole different feel to the image – maybe too vibrant for some tastes, but it is fun to push it sometimes to the extremes!

Autumn added

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