Year Two (130) – A Bridal Shoot?

This is just a small selection of images I took of Jodie, she had a wedding dress and she wanted to create some artistic images, something a little bit different and I was up for the challenge.

I was using my canon 27-70mm lens and fairly long zoom and was managing the lighting with off camera flash in a soft box, and I was in the most amazing set location in Weymouth – there was a set with a stream punk feel, as well as another area that reminded me of a church doorway…

With Love

For me the shoot was about experimenting with light to create different moods and then trying to communicate that idea to the model – Jodie was great at grasping my ideas and running with them.


The same two locations above … with Jodie staying put, but as a photographer I moved my feet, my camera angle and my lighting to create a different feel to the image, trying to create a different story.

The ghostly bride

A different location within the studio, a dark space with a wall to lean on … when it came to editing thought there was all sorts of things in the background, so I choose instead to move her to a church yard and lean her against a grave stone and make her more ghostly … it was one of the images Jodie chose to keep from the shoot.

My forever love

As I mentioned the shoot was about experimenting and creating ideas from the photos, taking a photo and turning it into something different…


Above is a straight out of camera shot in the studio doorway, Jodie offering her flowers, the roses are a simple of love but change the flower (see shot below) and you have a different feel – Lily’s are associated with death and dying … so the image has a different mood to it although the lighting remained the same…  changing it to black and white in this case also effects the mood.

Hoping it will all turn out well

My favorite image from the shoot …  this was taken in camera, with the fabric of the veil stretched out and Jodie pressings up against it, side lit with the light and I called it “trapped in marriage” – we talked whilst shooting the image about a baby being born and the veil being the sack and that the baby was trying to break free… in this case it is the bride trying to break free.

Trapped in Marriage