Today I received my copy of the Royal Photographic Society Digital Imaging Group, Projected Image Competition magazine in the post and sat down to look at the images, well I will admit I sat at the table and moaned, I looked at the poor presentation of the winning images – the top two images were printed so that they went across the fold of the page and key elements of the photos were hidden in the fold – as the photographer I would have been gutted – as a graphic designer, I cringed that someone could get it soo wrong and if only they changed the page layout so the photo was showcased on one side and the text on the other….

I read the details, 1238 photos were submitted to be considered and only 115 creative class images were selected as reaching the required RPS standard and 243 open images were selected, so less than a 1/4 of images selected made the grade. I sat with a coffee and choose to flick through the remaining images to see what was selected and then suddenly I recognize one in the Creative section, I had seen it before – it was Maria’s from camera club – she was selected to be included and felt really pleased for her, she was also in the same category as me in my camera club. I then spotted another of hers.

I then spotted a couple of photos from Fiona, one of the clubs advance members and then well I was completely in shock – OMG – there was my photo of Gatton Woods that I had taken earlier in the year – I had no idea I had been included …  (going back and reading the information about the competition – I should have had an email, but somehow I missed it.)

26 / 366 Dog walker in the mist

I am sat there saying OMG, they have chosen my images to be included, I suddenly felt valued and up there amongst other photographers I knew and then looked more closely at the gallery and flipped pages again – and there were a couple of images by another advance worker Barry and another one of mine!

Engine drivers x 2, ISO250, F6.3, 1/320 sec
Engine drivers x 2, ISO250, F6.3, 1/320 sec

So I am now heading into 2017 delighted to have had two images selected as shots suitable to represent the Royal Photographic Society Digital Standard…  they did not have to choose two – they judges must have liked my images … my confidence just had a real boost!

The selected images in the RPS Open can be viewed here.

Could today be any better … on the dog walk this morning with my favorite photobuddy and my hubby … he found a £10 and I found my very first Antler – and it is almost complete from a stag – in the New Forest!


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  1. Wow! Congratulations indeed and well deserved. Also well done to you both for two lucky finds – I look forward to seeing the Antler I expect in a photo in the future. Well done


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