March 2017 Highlights

February was such a short month, that I never got to finish editing my photos… and March is even more exciting…

  • Various portrait shoots
  • Family location shoots
  • Animal portraits
  • London Shoot
  • Editing for a fellow photographer whom I have trained alongside who could rescue an image.
  • Capturing a Christening
  • Teaching ambient and flash to a group of fellow photographers
  • Exploring new locations

I miss blogging

I have come to the conclusion that I miss blogging. Blogging gave me an excuse to try new ideas, to explain how they worked and push my creativity, I have been incredibly busy taking photos and developing my business but it is crucial to keep experimenting and trying different ways of doing things.

At the weekend, I went to the 2017 photography show – I really enjoyed the speeches, the demos and invested in a new background amongst other things so today I experimented with two lights, some gels, my camera on a tripod and a remote release to take some selfies.

I hate having my photo taken, and by doing selfies it made it really hard to get the right in the perfect location,  but it does enable me to easily see how I cam change the light – hence the descriptions on each image. I had not realised how much back lighting hair can add to an image and how gels can add something special to the image.

The final set above were more of an experiment with rear sync, longer exposures and ambient but something I would like to try in the future, but it is very hard to include partial movement in a selfies with a long shutter duration. 

Anyway that all for now… Should I blog more or just do a monthly update – leave a comment and let me know.