Happy Christmas

Last year my neighbour brought me an Elf on the Shelf… well two of them and challenged me to take some photos of them… well the Elves had fun, they came on some photoshoots, went out on location and broke into her house when she was on holiday… this is the result… 25 photos… one posted each day of Advent.

Elf 1
Advent – directed by my daughter

Elf on the shelf
Hanging in the woods!
03 - At Home
A photoshoot with children at play
Elf 4
My neighbours fridge and her latest weight loss achievement 🙂
Elf 5
My kitchen and Waitrose cookies
Elf 6
The effort it took to capture a wee!
Elf 7
My neighbours grandchildren
Elf on the shelf
Relaxing in the woods.
Elf 9
A shelf in my neighbours house… it really says that!
Elf 10
My neighbours shed
Elf 11
The slide in my neighbours garden
Elf on the shelf
Broken umbrella – local walk
Elf 13
My neighbours lounge whilst she was on holiday
Elf 14
My neighbours bathroom and razor!
Elf 15
My neighbours hall and her Christmas Jumper!
Elf on the shelf
Fake snow in the field with my photobuddy – Sparky!
Elf 17
The fruit bowl by my daughter
Elf 18
My neighbours lounge with her grandchild on the wall
Elf 19
My neighbours kitchen
When it goes wrong and studio photos don’t work!
Elf 21
My neighbours – not so secret – secret chocolate stash!
Elf 22
Yep, you guessed it – my neighbours hot tub!
Elf 23
My neighbours hall with her granchild photoshopped into the the photo!
Nanny’s grandson to the rescue!
Elf 20
I am in the Dog House!
Elf 24
A simple studio shot.

Things heated up during the month – how…  my neighbour popped in, fed my dog and started sharing photos or her elves doing things in my house… I think I need to move before next year!