Highlights from March, we started with a planned trip to Scotland, but never made it due to the snow here in the New Forest … but it was lovely to enjoy… proper snow too … this month then continued with lots of other exciting adventures including:

  • Snow, Snow and more Snow
  • Professional Invite to the Camera Show in Birmingham
  • A birthday cake smash
  • Photographing the Full Monty – live on stage – and they really did do the Full Monty, and even though it was backlit it is amazing what a quality lens can record… thank goddness for the smudge feature in photoshop
  • A variety of photoshoots with preschoolers
  • An investment into marketing and in taking my business forward.
  • Running a workshop with the local camera group
  • Photographing the British Quidditch cup

This month’s photos are on my business and facebook page – I have not had time for much of my own photography… but that is a good thing – follow me on or twitter @RenoufDesign for updates – and check out my web site … for lots of photos.