Photo Project Two

January 1st 2018 I posted this post: – a one photo a week photography challenge which I managed to complete during 2017…. I thought I would give it another go – this years topics are:

Photo Themes for 2018

Week one – Outiside – I took the glass ball, lens on a local walk and capture the world in a bubble with a very shallow depth of field.

Glass Ball.
Manual Settings, Glass Ball to capture the world on a local walk

Week Two – Small – A trip to the Netherlands to meet our Goddaughter’s new baby sister, she is nearly a month old – but she is still small none the less, I took a variety of photos (any photographer would) but this is my favorite small image as I like the sense of scale that you get looking through the bars of her “box” or playpen which she rests in downstairs.

Tessa in her “Box” nearly 4 weeks old.

Week Three – Out of Focus – the nearest shopping centre at dusk, shot out of focus with the idea to use all the lights to create some interesting bokeh.

Bokeh - West Quay
Out of focus lights

Week Four – Door and Window – this image was created at home with  a model -using my hall way to frame the shot – and act as a darker background.

17 - Issy in Vogue
In front of the door

Week five – my mum in her red jumper with her new puppy. My mum avoids the camera. There are many times I have offered to take her out and about or tried to capture her with her grandchildren over the years, but she rarely wants me to take photos – I literally have to grab a shot when I can.

Brandy (165 of 188)
Red jumper

Week six – Morning – I am not a morning person, but there is some lovely light in the mornings, this was taken on route to the first morning of a new work location – a photo to represent new beginnings.

Morning Light

Week Seven – Large – photos can be captured anywhere… this is in a local store where this “large” bottle of Jack Daniels was available to purchase – only £71 … both my teens wanted it … so I took a photo of both of them! They are large too … both taller than me 😀

Week Eight – A Silhoutte –  in Southampton during the festival of lights – the left is my hubby and the right is my eldest son!

Silhouttes in Southampton

Week Nine – Bokeh, very soft Bokeh created on a snow day in the New Forest – I love getting out in the snow, but it does not happen often here.

Snow days in the New Forest