Day 82 – Light Painting

At the end of the week, we gain an extra hour of light in the evenings as the clocks change for British Summer Term, so now is the perfect time to make the most of the darker evenings and have a go at light painting. These are photos that I took last night and that […]

Photo project

52 week photo project was suggested online here and I decided to give it a go… let’s see what happens and whether I can take a photo each week based on a theme…. chosen by someone else.

Day 84 – Motorway at Night

Following on from my night time photo shoot the other evening, when I had a go at some simple light painting – one of the other things I wanted to try before the lighter evenings reply is capturing motorway traffic – the nearest motorway bridge is a about 20 miles away, but I was nearby […]

Day 63 – Using my torch

Following on from yesterday, I still do not feel much like going out … but the other day I was kindly given a couple of fantastic teddy bears … and this evening I experimented with one of them … I took the photo in a darkened room with the only light coming from a small […]

Year Two (98) – A beautiful Building

In 1995 I married my husband in our Parish Church, and recently I was invited back to take some photographs of the building… it is a beautiful church  and was built in 1859. It is a grade II listed building designed by the architect Charles Edward Giles, it has been largely unchanged since it’s original […]

Year Two (44) -Moments to treasure

Photography for me is about capturing moments, moments that tell a story, moments that one day become memories and moments which at the time can be everyday occurrences – that are easily forgotten as our children grew. Often as a photographer you get to do head shots, family group shots, weddings, cake smashes, new borns […]