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LRPS or not … the Journey

During my second year of blogging, I started this post… back in 2016 … so bear with me, sorry it is long but it took me a while to complete….

I have been thinking for a while about a photographic qualification, and what I would really like is a recognisable qualification known by the public and other photographers so I started looking into the awards run by various photographic societies, and to raise my confidence as a photographer.  The distinctions by the Royal Photography Society drew my interest and I discovered that I can start with the LRPS, and if I achieve it – I will be able to grow as a photographer.

The Royal Photographic Society Distinctions

Where to start though…

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Highlights from March, we started with a planned trip to Scotland, but never made it due to the snow here in the New Forest … but it was lovely to enjoy… proper snow too … this month then continued with lots of other exciting adventures including:

  • Snow, Snow and more Snow
  • Professional Invite to the Camera Show in Birmingham
  • A birthday cake smash
  • Photographing the Full Monty – live on stage – and they really did do the Full Monty, and even though it was backlit it is amazing what a quality lens can record… thank goddness for the smudge feature in photoshop
  • A variety of photoshoots with preschoolers
  • An investment into marketing and in taking my business forward.
  • Running a workshop with the local camera group
  • Photographing the British Quidditch cup

This month’s photos are on my business and facebook page – I have not had time for much of my own photography… but that is a good thing – follow me on www.facebook.com/RenoufDesign or twitter @RenoufDesign for updates – and check out my web site … www.renoufdesign.co.uk for lots of photos.

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February 2018

Februray sees this blog taking a different direction… I have no time to post regualarily at the moment…  the biggest event this month was the Sci-Fi Ball, but I have also been to London, spent time with friends and family, explore the local area and more… so here are some of my favorites:




January 2018

A new year a new challenge – one photo a day this month, so hopefully 31 photos – all taken in manual mode with a 22mm pancake lens which is the equivilant of a 35mm focal length lens. The idea is to practice taking control of the camera, and thinking about composition. Continue reading

The Butterfly Wishes Network

The Butterfly Wishes Network - http://www.butterflywishesnetwork.co.uk
The Butterfly Wishes Network – http://www.butterflywishesnetwork.co.uk

Have you heard of the Butterfly Wishes Network?

The Butterfly Wishes Network is a not-for-profit organisation made up of UK-based professional photographers who would like to offer their services free of charge to families of children with life-shortening conditions*.

Their mission to to find a photographer who will donate their time and services to to those who need us most. These photographers will provide a free session and a minimum of 10 digital images for the family to have, license free.

* Butterfly Wishes Network define the families as being those who have children with a life shortening illness. Life shortening means the child potentially may not grow into an adult.  These types of illnesses include, among others, heart failure, liver failure, HIV/Aids, kidney failure needing dialysis, certain forms of cancer, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy and SEVERE cerebral palsy.

Back before Christmas a friend of mine suggested I consider applying to Remember my baby  a similar organisation whose focus on photographers volunteering their photography services for the benefit of UK parents losing their baby before, during or shortly after birth. capturing images benefit of UK parents losing their baby before, during or shortly after birth, and although a great cause, I wanted to offer my services to a wide variety, I enjoy capturing magic moments of children of all ages, so Butterfly wishes I felt was more me.

I have already photographed a child with a life limiting condition and I know those family photos will be forever treasured, my own son has been effected by a rare neurological condition and my mum is in a wheelchair and rarely allows me to capture her in photos – so I already know just how precious these pictures could be to a family.

I am delighted to say that I have now been approved to join their network, although I am unable to post any photos directly from the shoots due to parent confidentiality, I would like to use this oportunity to increase awareness of the organisation and you can find out more here: www.butterflywishesnetwork.co.uk

The Butterfly Wishes Network - http://www.butterflywishesnetwork.co.uk
The Butterfly Wishes Network – http://www.butterflywishesnetwork.co.uk

Photo project

52 week photo project was suggested online here and I decided to give it a go… let’s see what happens and whether I can take a photo each week based on a theme…. chosen by someone else. Continue reading

December Highlights

December Highlights include:

  • The awesome adventures of the elves – see seperate post
  • Natural light Brides
  • Photography workshop with Olympus
  • Nighttime photography in Portsmouth
  • Nighttime photography in Brighton
  • Fun Family Shoot for a marmite fan
  • Headshots
  • Photography session at Portland Bill
  • New Forest Seasonal Shots

Happy Christmas

Last year my neighbour brought me an Elf on the Shelf… well two of them and challenged me to take some photos of them… well the Elves had fun, they came on some photoshoots, went out on location and broke into her house when she was on holiday… this is the result… 25 photos… one posted each day of Advent.

Elf 1
Advent – directed by my daughter

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