Year Two (103) – The ring shot

I wanted to work our how to take an iconic shot of a wedding ring, that makes a heart … so it was time to take a few moments to experiment. I used a bible, the flashlight on my i phone, I wanted to be able to recreate it in any situation… so it had to be things I had to hand as wedding rings are very important. Continue reading


Year Two (88) – Motorbikes

Another opportunity to photograph bikes with the Old Bakery photography group – I say another opportunity as one of the first sessions I attended and blogged about was a motorbike shoot – you can revisit it here – memories from September 2015.

Year Two (47) – Creative Buttercups…

One challenge of photography is to try and look at things differently – you can easily get in a creative rut by doing the same thing and taking photos at the same angle – so I headed out in the sunshine with my Nifty 50 lens, with the aim to choose a spot – sit down and spend a few moments photography and experimenting with aperture to create a range of different images of the same scene.

Emma as part of her #Yearwithyoucamera free photography course, encourages you sometimes to think differently about your images…. Continue reading

Year Two (26) – Back to basics

Photography has took a back seat for the last few weeks, I have been ill – I am still fighting it, I have had loads on work wise and I have been challenged to work out what is important and what direction I want to take things in… and have added up more muddled than ever – so it is time to go back to basics…

Flowers in my garden – Berberis Darwinii

Continue reading

Year Two (16) – Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day – a day for spending time with the people you love and the things you enjoy. The perfect icon image for Valentine’s day are roses, I was lucky enough to receive some, so it was time to take out my camera, set up a studio and have a go at some high key flower shots – my lens of choice was my Canon 24-70mm – my idea was to create a white background – and then experiment with depth of field using the zoom lens and the distance between the camera and the subject.

Valentines Roses - 47mm - ISO100, F6.3, 1/250sec
Valentines Roses – 47mm – ISO100, F6.3, 1/250sec

I had two off camera flashes – one to light the background and one to light the roses. Working in manual, once you have set up the lights for the studio situation – the lighting can remain constant as you move the camera within the space.  It was a challenge separating the white jug from the background – but in the shot above the green lengths seem to over power the delicate roses. Continue reading

Day 349 – Holly, Manual and on camera flash!

Yesterday on my walk I captured the detail on the Gorse, today I focused in on some holly berries and experimented in manual mode – despite seeing the other day that it was OK to use all the settings on the camera, I finally fill confident enough to experiment. Continue reading

Day 347 – The Gorse is in Flower

Seeing the gorse in flower on my local walk, reminds me of how quickly the year has gone, I feeling reflective at the moment and I am amazed at how much changes and yet how much stays the same as the year passes.

ISo100, F3.2, 1/200 sec - the wider view.
ISO100, F3.2, 1/200 sec – the wider view.

I have discovered so much more the importance of looking at the details… Continue reading

Day 243 – Shooting Manual

It has got to be done before the end of the year – I spent the morning shooting manual. Shooting manual means that I took control of the ISO, the aperture and the shutter speed.

I shoot manual when I use the flash or when I have a filter on my lens and am aiming for a particular feel to the image but in most other situations I use Aperture or Shutter priority depending on what I want to achieve, although I often control the ISO setting in these modes….

ISO400, F11, 1/125sec - The view towards hurst
ISO400, F11, 1/125sec – The view towards Hurst

My goal was to get a balanced image – despite the grey sky, I wanted to show the tonal range of the water, freeze some of the movement on the water and get a good depth of field. Continue reading

Day 341 – Studio Still Life

Thanks to Sue making some amazing mince pies, and Tim’s help with the lighting, I had the opportunity to do some great still life, not forgetting of course Mike’s tip for a great background….

Setting the scene
Setting the scene

So this is the setup in studio… Continue reading