LRPS or not … the Journey

During my second year of blogging, I started this post… back in 2016 … so bear with me, sorry it is long but it took me a while to complete….

I have been thinking for a while about a photographic qualification, and what I would really like is a recognisable qualification known by the public and other photographers so I started looking into the awards run by various photographic societies, and to raise my confidence as a photographer.  The distinctions by the Royal Photography Society drew my interest and I discovered that I can start with the LRPS, and if I achieve it – I will be able to grow as a photographer.

The Royal Photographic Society Distinctions

Where to start though…

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Today I received my copy of the Royal Photographic Society Digital Imaging Group, Projected Image Competition magazine in the post and sat down to look at the images, well I will admit I sat at the table and moaned, I looked at the poor presentation of the winning images – the top two images were printed so that they went across the fold of the page and key elements of the photos were hidden in the fold – as the photographer I would have been gutted – as a graphic designer, I cringed that someone could get it soo wrong and if only they changed the page layout so the photo was showcased on one side and the text on the other…. Continue reading

Day 96 – On Location

A couple of weeks ago I got to visit a stunning Bed and breakfast property in the New Forest National Park and was privileged to be able to take some photos for it for their online advertising – I was not sure what to expect when I arrived, but it was 100 times better and the previous photos that i had seen taken maybe 15 years ago really did not inspire you to stay. It in in an idyllic location with stunning views and it would have amazing night skies.

I took with me:

  • A choice of lens but I ended up only using my Sigma 10-20mm wide angle lens
  • My tripod
  • My white balance tool that I got for my birthday – brilliant for HDR photos, and for making me look professional … always great to have a gadget people have never seen before!
  • The photos were ten processed in Lightroom and as HDR images in photoshop.

New Forest B&B Location PhotosNew Forest B&B Location Photos New Forest B&B Location Photos New Forest B&B Location Photos New Forest B&B Location PhotosNew Forest B&B Location Photos New Forest B&B Location PhotosMy favorite shot from today was this one below – it was a shot I just had to take – it would be amazing to have a window in my home with a view like this. If you would like to go and stay – their new advert and photos can be found here on the Explore the New Forest web site, I was waiting to post them once I had their approval.

PhotoChallenge-Tothill Window-6

I entered the above photo in last week’s camera club competition – the judge loved it. He said it was a simple image that drew you in, with three windows, the flowers, the lack of clutter, the roof framing the window, the paths leading you into the landscape were well balanced and it was well captured. There  were 18 photos in class and this one did really well – it was one of two top images scoring 10/10 and a seal. My first digital seal of the year.

Day 69 – Camera Club feedback

Last night was camera club – I had two prints in the competition. There was 19 entries in Primary, 22 in Intermediates (my class) and 43 in the advanced class – 84 pictures to be judged in just under 2 hours!

This was my second entry.. “In the ring” – it scored 7½ our of 10. The judge commented that he did not see enough boxing images, he liked how they were isolated, and the details on the body… He wished the faces were in the gaps between the ropes, he liked the fact that the audience was darkened out – but was not keen on the ring lights above…

I love getting comments … as it shows it is all about what you see when you read the photo – if you remember back to day 40 when I took the photos … there wasn’t an audience, it was not a real fight and the ring lights were to add atmosphere…  you can also see how I have edited image and burned out some areas to improve it. I think he has got a great point about including their faces though… so I am going to try and take that comment on board.

Camera Club Competition entry
Camera Club Competition entry

The very first image shown in the Intermediate class was mine – “Coastguard Mud Rescue Mission” – taken on day 46 – It is kinda of nerve racking being first, as it is then used as a baseline for the rest of the group – the judge commented that he liked the angle, the colour of the sky, how the uniforms and the equipment complimented each other, and he liked the fact that I had got down low – possibly even muddy knees to get the shot – he was right, I was laying on a ground sheet in the mud… and then he held the image back.

This means that he was going to look at all the other images in the group first before he decided …it could score a 9, 9½ or 10 and make an appearance on the camera club website – or it could be scored lower… I’d have to wait to the end. There were 5 images held back over all, all scored highly – but I was amazed to get a 10/10 and to have the highest score in that class for the evening. I also won a seal – which means this photo will be entered into an end of year competition too.

Camera Club Competition Entry 10/10
Camera Club Competition Entry 10/10

A selection of the images I have entered into camera club competitions can be seen on my flickr page –  what I would like to take home from last nights competition was something the judge said – he said that it is important to like the photos that you take, and that you – the photographer enjoy them.

The winning image above – is definitely one I enjoy looking at, and I proud that I was able to capture that moment, and I am glad that the Lymington Coastguard team were happy to have me along to take photos!

Day 26 – Winning images

Camera Club News – I have been a member for about 2.5 years and have recently been promoted from Primary class to intermediate … tonight was the first print competition of the year and I had two prints short listed.

One scored a 10 and a seal – one of three top prints, and the other scored 9.5. There were about 100 prints judged tonight – amazing quality and a lot of information and ideas to take in! The club I belong too is a large club – with over 84 members, and tonight each member could submit 2 prints.

New Forest at Dawn
New Forest at Dawn – 9.5/10 at Southampton Camera Club
Water Dash
Water Dash – Scored 10/10 and a SEAL at Southampton Camera Club

You will be able to see a selection of the other images – any that scored 9 points or more in the galleries of Southampton Camera Club in the next few days – a great place to start for inspiration.