October 2015 I took some photos of Freddie for Halloween – his mum carved the pumpkins, brought the outfits and I provided the studio space (my kitchen), the lights and the smoke and took some photos – the results of which can be viewed here: https://renoufdesign.wordpress.com/2015/10/21/day-294-photography-is-about-having-fun/

35 - Pumpkin's with Mia
Freddie and Mia 2017

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Loving my MagMods

I have been looking for a while for some MagMods to add to my camera flash units because I really like being able to control light on and off camera and I have come to realise these are pretty amazing accessories to own. I started my collection with a MagSphere and a Mag Grip – both purchased through Amazon Uk with Jack the Hat being the UK supplier. Continue reading

Sunshine and Teens

Last week I had a photoshoot cancel on me last minute, and I was really disappointed – I had my camera gear sorted, the location planned out and my mind was flowing with creative ideas and then it was not to be as I required a subject.

My teenage daughter came to the rescue and although she does not like me to photograph her she was happy to call a friend who would have loved to be in some shoots, so I took the time to play with my camera with both of them. It was fun, the friend wanted to learn more about modelling and discovered it is not as glamorous as she thought… and my daughter agreed to be in a couple of shots too.

Interestingly both my daughter and I agreed on our favorite image from the shoot – it was her and her friend – the backs of them reaching for the sky, the sky was blown out but it added a lovely airy feel to the image and for both of us it represented happy, carefree sunshine days.

Maria and Beck 9
Happy Days

I have mentioned on several posts, the importance of print – of having a physical photo to remember an event, a memory and a special moment and I decided that I would surprise my daughter with a canvas of this image – I had recently been in contact with Saal Digital and they had offered me a complimentary canvas – so I thought I would surprise my daughter with a treat.

The ordering process with Saal Digital was easy, they will deal direct with clients – and they kept me informed when the image arrived to them and when it was despatched – and despite being based in Germany the canvas arrived securely packed within a week (and this included the Easter break).

The colours matched my edited image well – the yellow’s were bright and vibrant, there was no banding – which is essential if I am recommending a company – the actual wooden frame is made of wood rather than mdf – which means it is less likely to warp, and it had strengtheners to add in the corners – it was also wider than I expected and had tapered edges which added a nice fill to the image.

The client – in this case my daughter, was delighted with the canvas, and she hung it immediately on her bedroom wall. For a teenager I think that is a major score – she was delighted with the surprise.

Print on my daughters wall.

As a photographer it is definitely a company that I would recommend to my clients – the colours match well with my edit and the quality is great – if a client want to purchase digital files and create their own pictures from those images this would be a great company for them to look at so Saal Digital will be recommended by us in future.

Year Two – My Collection – Yellow

My year with yellow… the story behind my yellow collection can be found here. It has been an ongoing project and a journey into themed photography as part of  #AYearWithMyCamera challenge, there is a chance you have seen some of the photos before as I have added them to my “my yellow collection” but some of them may be completely new – all were taken with the concept that they would include yellow …

My collection of Yellow
The Golden Sun - this moment was amazing and only lasted for a second or two...
The Golden Sun – this moment was amazing and only lasted for a second or two…
6 / 366 Coffee lens shot glass and biscuits. Still live image
A yellow cricket photographed during a studio session.
Coldplace live at Mrkyps
ColdPlay – Live Gig
Getting closer
Getting closer – tree frog and daffodils
Sunset at Highcliffe
Sunset at Highcliffe
Studio lighting – Yellow flowers with softbox overhead
Directed off camera flash on my dining table
Marmite – mmm
Just the flowers
A Little Egret with fish in the evening sun
ISO100, F2.8, 1/160 - increased the exposure
ISO100, F2.8, 1/160 – Berberis Darminii – increased the exposure
Yellow Gorse in Flower a short walk from home – April 2016
Abstract – Oil and Water
Furzey Gardens and some yellow flowers – underexposed to darken the background.
Summer Leaves
A walk along the beach capturing all things yellow!
Garden Birds - ISO3200, F5.6, 1/1250sec
Garden Birds – ISO3200, F5.6, 1/1250sec
ISo100, F1.8, 1/8000sec
ISO100, F1.8, 1/8000sec – Yellow Buttercups
More flowers – this time welcoming people to my home town.

Sticking to the flower theme, sunflowers in August.

In close - ISO200, F3.5, 1/1250 sec
In close – ISO200, F3.5, 1/1250 sec
Joint Excercise with Lymington Coastguard, Lymington RNLI and th
Joint Exercise with Lymington Coastguard, Lymington RNLI and the Fire Service – waiting in yellow!
Yellow Smoke - ISO100, F14, 1/160sec
Yellow Smoke – ISO100, F14, 1/160sec
One of my father in laws first cameras, taken with a high iso for the room light.
ISO800, F4, 1/500sec
Combined image of flower and frost!
Christmas Lights in Southampton
Christmas Lights in Southampton

In 2017 I will be creating another collection inspired by the Pantone Colour of the year for 2017!

Year Two (128) -Fireworks

I love fireworks, we got married in November, and I celebrated the start of my married life with a firework display… 20 years on, I am still happily married and every year the UK celebrates my anniversary with me by setting off fireworks…

My location for the evening!

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Year Two (121) – Autumn is coming

Autumn in the New Forest, a great time to explore and notice the details… the photo below captured on my 5D mark iii with my nifty 50, is to me a great autumn image, the leaves are just turning, puddles offer reflections, the sun is shining  and the path is inviting you to explore.

Reflections in a puddle

This one was taken on the Canon G7x, Continue reading

Year Two (118) – Smokin’

I have photographed smoke a couple of times before… but took the opportunity to capture it again and to see if I could pick up some new tips. Smoke is a great material to photograph, it has a mind of its own and you never quite know where it is going to go, but they make great textures and brushes that you can use to enhance other pictures and images.

This time I took the opportunity to experiment with shutter speeds and to learn from other photographers.. I had the dark background much further away that made it easier .. and I used my 100mm macro leans and a snood on the flash to direct the light. These are some of the different results I achieved:

ISO200, 1/640sec, F7.1
ISO200, 1/640sec, F7.1

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Year Two (65) – Colour

Back home and time to enjoy the flowers … my home town looks pretty and I just thought I would use today’s blog post to share some of the amazing flowers I spotted on my walk into town.

Back on my home patch!

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Year Two (58) – Adding Extra

Taking photos is fun, deciding on ways to use and share those photos is even better – and the recent shoot that I undertook made me think it was time to add some more images to my greeting card collection – and the frogs jumped to my attention.

Tree Frog
Tree Frog – birthday cards!

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