Year Two (97) – Off to the Zoo

Marwell Zoo, August, a hot sunny day and a photographic challenge – not only were the animals hiding from the sunshine … when they were outside there was harsh shadows to deal with, lots of people bustling around and a real restriction in the ability to get the shot I wanted.

The animals were more active by the end of the day but photographically there were some huge challenges to overcome… Continue reading


Year Two (51) – Lauren

Off to the Old Bakery last night and the theme was dancing – we had two dancers turn up, but I focused on only one of them – Lauren. I picked her up before the shoot, and discovered she had never had her photo taken as a dancer / model and she was a little nervous… I told her that the group of photographers were equally nervous… and they she was in charge…

Photography and Dance is fun – the perfect facebook splat!

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Year Two (37) – Abstract Art

The topics for the Old Bakery are sometimes obscure and a little odd, sometimes you instinctively think that you know what you can create based on that theme,, others a little but more challenging – partly because you have to take all your equipment and props with you, and partly because it is how you incorporate the subject. Continue reading

Year Two (15) – Frogs and other reptiles

Another old bakery session, but this time with a twist – one end of the hall was set up with a tether computer, studio lights and props and my end of the hall – I shared the space with John – where we were using glass, speedlites and some natural props I had round up from home.

I had talked to John prior to the shot and I wanted to capture the top and bottom of the frog at the same time… I had an idea to photoshop it together with another image – but that did not get taken…. but I still wanted to experiment and understand more about light. I actually found myself using my light meter successfully to help set the shot up and aim for a variety of experimental looks.

Tree Frog on Glass
Tree Frog on Glass

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Year two (10) – Live Bands

I was asked to shoot a promotional video for a fantastic up and coming band for them to send off to Jooles Holland – and had a fantastic evening with both my DSLR camera’s – one set up for still images and the other for video. The sound track was to be added later in full stereo from the mixing desk!

Coldplace live at Mrkyps
Live Music photography and video

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Year 2 (07) Live Bands

Old Bakery studio and a new challenge – a new venue, limited time, group shots and having to use flash… and a group of photographers who also want to get the shot! The aim of the evening’s activity was to capture some bands in a music studio – either posing for shots as a group or during their rehearsals. Continue reading

Day 348 – Festive Selfie

Christmas is approaching quicker than I would like but as the Christmas tree is now up, it was time to take a Christmas selfie… I saw a great tutorial online using a Christmas tree and thought I would try and create similar….

I had my camera, a darken lounge lit only by the Christmas tree, my tripod, nifty 50 lens.


Having white Christmas Tree lights makes rather boring Bokeh! My idea was to add me to the image – so focusing the camera in the dark was to be a challenge, I had the idea that I wanted to include a story book and me … so I used the book to hold my iphone, and used the light on my phone to light up my face….

Landscape Image

In landscape – I was not really including enough of the book…. as I could not move the camera back any further… it was time to compose the shot on a different direction….

Portrait view

The torch light is not as bright – but it was the shot that I was going for… the rest of the image I had visualised in my head in photoshop… I took this is manual – ISO100, F1.8, 1/10sec. There are two different shades of light though – a yellow tint from the Iphone and bright white from the LED Christmas Lights.

I toned down the yellow on my face, added some Christmas magic coming from the book and presented it in a square format as I wanted it as a social media profile photo. The light is a little harsh still on my face … but it is the right idea and I would love to take a photo like this with a child reading a book by the Christmas tree.

Christmas Profile photo with photoshop edit.

I have since found another tutorial – pop over to here:

Day 347 – The Gorse is in Flower

Seeing the gorse in flower on my local walk, reminds me of how quickly the year has gone, I feeling reflective at the moment and I am amazed at how much changes and yet how much stays the same as the year passes.

ISo100, F3.2, 1/200 sec - the wider view.
ISO100, F3.2, 1/200 sec – the wider view.

I have discovered so much more the importance of looking at the details… Continue reading

Day 341 – Studio Still Life

Thanks to Sue making some amazing mince pies, and Tim’s help with the lighting, I had the opportunity to do some great still life, not forgetting of course Mike’s tip for a great background….

Setting the scene
Setting the scene

So this is the setup in studio… Continue reading