Happy Christmas

Last year my neighbour brought me an Elf on the Shelf… well two of them and challenged me to take some photos of them… well the Elves had fun, they came on some photoshoots, went out on location and broke into her house when she was on holiday… this is the result… 25 photos… one posted each day of Advent.

Elf 1
Advent – directed by my daughter

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October 2015 I took some photos of Freddie for Halloween – his mum carved the pumpkins, brought the outfits and I provided the studio space (my kitchen), the lights and the smoke and took some photos – the results of which can be viewed here: https://renoufdesign.wordpress.com/2015/10/21/day-294-photography-is-about-having-fun/

35 - Pumpkin's with Mia
Freddie and Mia 2017

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Year Two (132) – Themed advertising.

Taking photographs in an interesting location really adds to the mood and feel of the shot, these shots with Jemma were taken in an old warehouse space, with the pre-shoot discussion based on how to create a traditional feel to some beer product shots – highlighting it’s traditional flavours and tastes.

Jemma provide her costume and wig, we had the beer and a very dark location with window light coming in from one side and a small flash to add additional light.

Jemma 1
Themed beer shot, one speedlight

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Year Two (130) – A Bridal Shoot?

This is just a small selection of images I took of Jodie, she had a wedding dress and she wanted to create some artistic images, something a little bit different and I was up for the challenge.

I was using my canon 27-70mm lens and fairly long zoom and was managing the lighting with off camera flash in a soft box, and I was in the most amazing set location in Weymouth – there was a set with a stream punk feel, as well as another area that reminded me of a church doorway…

With Love

For me the shoot was about experimenting with light to create different moods and then trying to communicate that idea to the model – Jodie was great at grasping my ideas and running with them. Continue reading

Year Two (127) – How technology has changed.

I visited my father in law this week and I got to admire his new collection! He started his life out as a photographer – a forensic photographer working for the Met in London before he retired, and although he no longer is taking images regularly he is interested in perhaps going back and re entering the dark room and old technology and has been spending his time looking up his old cameras and rebuying them on ebay.

It is amazing how technology has changed, chimping was unheard of, every shot mattered and working in low light on crime scenes was an impossible challenge… what he would have given for changeable ISO let alone the capabilities of today’s camera. Continue reading

Year Two (125) – Puppies

Who turns down the opportunity to photograph a 6 week old puppy…  I didn’t.


I was amazed at how fast puppies moved, once you get down to their level they are either running away or heading straight for the camera lens, so a high shutter speed was essential….

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Year Two (124) – Shallow depth of field

I am experimenting today with a shallow depth of field on my 24-70mm lens, natural light to capture the detail and wonder of childhood.

The first image was outside, the light was wrong, but for me it was about capturing the moment.. a full blown paddy on the pavement…. what I find interesting here is the shutter speed at 1/320 sec the arm is still blurred – kids are fast, I shot wide to get the location and I was close to the subject, which has helped the depth of field… I think I need to get closer more often!

A tantrum – ISO320, F9, 1/250sec – 35mm

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Year Two (122) – Model Portfolios

Photography is an adventure, it is about challenging my comfort zones and is about having fun, this week I got to meet an amazing local model to create some Boudoir and glamour images for her portfolio, and  it also meant that I was able to use my graphic design skills to add something to the images.

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Year Two (117) – More children

I had the pleasure of photographing another family, shooting in family homes is great fun and a challenge, you have to think on your feet, work with the available light, the available furniture and the child’s own toys, but it add’s a real sense of belonging to the shoot – the photos are unique to that family and mean more because moments of their lives as they are right now.

This is a sneak peak from their photo shoot … and I am now mastering Premier Pro, what a great way to share a preview of an album, with a social media friendly video clip… impossible to print images from, but really easy to share across multi media platforms and leaving the family to see the rest of the album.

It was a lovely afternoon capturing moments like little fingers and little toes, loving smiles and sparkle between adults and children and working flexibly in an environment that encouraged the children to behavior naturally and have fun!

Harry & Jack
Harry and Jack on a family shoot in their own home.

More photo shoots and mini movies are available on me web site – www.renoufdesign.co.uk