Year Two – December

I am done… for now…

My journey is not complete, but my view has changed, two years ago I started the blog to develop my photography, learn new skills and share my journey …  now my photography, marketing and design business have taken off, my photography skills are opening up doors to new opportunities and my view point and influences are changing…

I may still share occasional posts, but more often that not I am being involved in commercial work and assignments, so it is best to follow my facebook page – and that is where my focus will be … thanks for sharing my journey….

Highlights from December include:

  • My 2016 theme project on the colour yellow
  • Photographing Christmas
  • More portraits
  • Designs and marketing



Year Two – November

Time is going to fast… but I have had an amazing month, the blog is going to have to slow down next year … but I am now loving my photography more and more…. highlights this month include:

  • Puppies
  • Portrait Shoots
  • Weddings and meeting one of the UK’s leading Wedding photographers
  • Autumn Landscapes
  • Remembrance parade with my facebook page going nut with over 5,000 views.
  • Photography moments with friends
  • Invites to Canon Professional Events
  • Night event photography


Year Two -October

10 months into year two, and I am running out of room on the web server… but I am delighted to say I have had a lovely month of taking photos

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Year Two – September

The ninth month, highlights from September.

  • Weddings, weddings and more weddings…
  • Outside Events
  • Hi Key Shots and product photography
  • Birthday Parties
  • Low Key shots and working with models
  • A trip to London

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Year Two – August

The eighth month… and a round up of some of the highlights

  • The professional photographer for a local event
  • On location photography fun
  • Published in the paper making the front page!
  • Experimenting more with flash

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Year Two – July

Where is time going… the months are just whizzing past… 19months after starting my photography blog, and I think things are clicking into place! Continue reading

Year Two – June

June…. hopefully will end better than it started!

And I am glad to see it has… what an amazing month to take photos…

  • I photographed my first badger
  • I spent a couple of days exploring the Purbeck coastline
  • I got to go to Pembrokeshire and photography Puffins
  • I have completed a variety of commercial work
  • I have had fun!

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Year Two – May

One month seems to slip into another with a never ending clock ticking at the moment, and before I know it I have missed the photo opportunities of the month. Last year when I was doing a post every day I found I had so much more time time for photography than I do now, there is always at the moment something else that needs doing and I don’t have the time to challenge myself enough and get the images that I want – but I am also finding that I am much more critical of the images I am creating. Continue reading