Year Two (53) – A badger

This for me is a wow photo. I had never seen a real wild badger until this year, then whilst in Purbeck the other weekend, a badger darted out in front of us and I saw my first one… I never got a photo but I got an experience. Continue reading

Year two (10) – Live Bands

I was asked to shoot a promotional video for a fantastic up and coming band for them to send off to Jooles Holland – and had a fantastic evening with both my DSLR camera’s – one set up for still images and the other for video. The sound track was to be added later in full stereo from the mixing desk!

Coldplace live at Mrkyps
Live Music photography and video

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Year Two (04) – Pixel Stick, Light Stick and City Streets

Have you see the videos online demonstrating a pixel stick… do you know what one is? It is a light stick designed for light painting which can be used to project images infront of the camera which are not visible to the naked eye. They are really expensive… but when the opportunity arose to see one in action and to take some photos I had to pop along to find out more….

Pixel Sticks

A sample picture demonstration.
A sample picture demonstration.

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Day 357 – Christmas Carols

To help with the festive mood I visited a nearby market town to enjoy the Christmas carols organised by the Romsey Lions Club, I had my DSLR but no one really had a camera so instead I opted for hubby’s new camera and a scene mode – which meant it only capture the photos in jpg.

I converted them into black and white in Lightroom to add a more timeless feel.

The scene mode used a very shallow aperture to take a series of quick photos at a range of exposures and then processed them together in camera – it enabled me to take some atmospheric record shots of a very busy event.

Romsey Christmas carols
Romsey Carols
A festive selfie
Romsey Carols
The hymn sheet

Merry Christmas ….