Day 354 – Photo Buddy’s Model Mayhem

My photo buddy got to be in the lime light during the study session, with a variety of flash and strobe lights the idea was to capture the essence of 1 year old Sparky. Continue reading


Day 350- New Camera – Canon G7x

One of the things I have struggled with this year is my interest in running and combining that with photography. It is so frustrating to be out on a run when there is that perfect moment when the light is right and there is nothing but an iPhone to capture the image. Continue reading

Day 193 – Photo Buddies

I spent more time today capturing my favorite photo buddy. My plan was not to share these shots, on my blog, but they turned out so well, that I felt compelled too. The first three shots are shot in sequence, using Al Servo to follow Sparky through the grain, trying to keep him in focus and with a fast shutter speed to freeze the moment.

ISO1000, F5.6, 1/2000 sec
ISO1000, F5.6, 1/2000 sec

The trick to a great action shot is to get the eyes in focus and sharp.. and I just love how I managed it here, and with reflections from the sun too … something I am definitely getting more confident photographing… fast moving dogs!

ISO1000, F5.6, 1/2000sec
ISO1000, F5.6, 1/2000sec

This relied a lot on luck … Sparky pops up and down amongst the corn … I am sure he is not suppose to … but it makes a lovely photo 🙂

ISo100, F5.6, 1/3200 sec
ISo100, F5.6, 1/3200 sec

I then tried some more traditional portrait shots with Sparky basking in the sunshine. Sparky was constantly moving his head around, but despite that I could have used a lower ISO and therefore a lower shutter speed, once again I did not check my settings properly – a lesson, you would have thought I would have learnt by now.

ISO1000, F7.1, 1/3200 sec
ISO1000, F7.1, 1/3200 sec
ISO1000, F71, 1/4000sec
ISO1000, F71, 1/4000sec
ISO1000, F7.1, 1/6400 sec
ISO1000, F7.1, 1/6400 sec

Day 116 – 10k Run.

Today I did my 2nd 10k of the year – this one in Southampton city centre, with a a unique ascent!

This is me and my running buddies near the start taken on my trusty iphone.
This is me and my running buddies near the start taken on my trusty iphone.

Towering over the River Itchen since 1977 is the Itchen Bridge, (pictured) spanning 870 yards (800 m), is 92 feet (28 m) at its highest point and weighs 62,000 tons – as a a real treat for the event the bridge will be closed and the 10km will take you over and back across the bridge between miles 4-5.

At the top of the bridge almost 100ft up, you get a stunning view of the entire city, (not that I really appreciated it) right up the river, across the commercial centre and then out to see towards the Isle of Wight. On the descent down from the bridge back into towards the city centre, you get a close up of the vast premier league stadium St Mary’s – home of the Saints football club.

This is a view I captured of the bridge the other day on my nifty 50 on the fifth floor of a neighboring building … the view was OK from there …

Southampton View - taken through glass. 50mm lens, ISO 800 F13, 1/640 sec
Southampton View – taken through glass. 50mm lens, ISO 800 F13, 1/640 sec

This run was one of my training runs for the Great South Run which I hope to complete later in the year – I am doing it to raise awareness for Kleine Levin Syndrome (KLS) – and hoping to collect sponsors. I did not do it in my fastest time – although my husband did – he got a fantastic new PB in less than an hour, I was happy with the result… and my lovely medal – I don’t run to get a PB… I run because I can 🙂

My 10k medal taken on my SLR with a lovely shallow depth of field.
My 10k medal taken on my SLR with a lovely shallow depth of field.

Day 43 – How does my camera work.

This is a fascinating video on shutter speed in slow mention … I know I take for granted what happens when I take my picture … and this is shows you how it works.

It highlights various issues:

  • Faster shutter more light required
  • No matter how fast the shutter, if I am working with flash I need to sync with the flash first … otherwise I may get half a shot lit, and half a shot unlit…
  • Shutter priority is not something I think about – I tend to work in aperture priority… so it is something I need to consider!
F5, 1/250 sec manual - ISO 100. Remote trigger with flash on wall.
F5, 1/250 sec manual – ISO 100. Remote trigger with flash on wall.

Today’s photo – bit of disaster at as another selfie and focus was off but please mind I had to guess my running potion, manual focus on nothing… I managed use the flash to make background white – althought you can still some objects resting there…. although I feel that it is a too strong as I loose some of the outline of me… I was using a timed remote shutter, had to guess my running position, so I had time to press the button whilst running and put it down…. however it is a start… and an idea to be continued with but maybe not in such an ambitious way!

Day 4 – my running challenge

Today I was doing my first 10k of the year, I started running in 2014 and ideally in 2015 I would like to

Today was my first running event of 2015 – my personal best for 2015 and I completed it in 1:02:58 -it was not an easy course, I was 15 seconds slower than my last 10k … but I timed it myself… it was on undulating gravel, lots of puddles, a delayed start but all the same I did it … and that is amazing considering prior to 2014 – I could not run at all.

So today’s photos are running related and still with the nifty 50. This is my post run lunch – made by one of my teen’s – “B” – it tasted amazing… the photo is not so good job, but it was a quick grab shot before I ate it 🙂

F8 , 15 sec Iso 1600 – this really is not very sharp, the iso is too high, and the light was to the side and not really bright enough… better prepartion really could have improved this.

10k Medals

Iso 400, F2.5 1/30 sec – taken in much better light, with the focus on the medals – my hubby and I won this morning, with the running numbers deliberately faded behind by using a wide aperture to take advantage of the depth of field…

An important lesson

My last photo for the today was is actually the first photo that was taken today – a selfie – of my husband and I at the start of our first 10k in 2015 … It is an iphone photo of us at the start line … it shows the crowds that were there, and I am delighted we were able to be there too … but it really does highlight that a builder’s phone is a builder’s phone, and although he may have a great case on it – there are times really when you should make sure you clean the lens…

It is impossible to rescue a photo this foggy … when the fog is dust – so lesson for today – make sure your lens is clean 🙂

10k Race - 2015