Year Two (135) – Band Lighting

Watching a live gig is an amazing experience, you can see the talent of the musicians, enjoy their music, appreciate the work that goes into creating the set and the lighting that makes the ambience of the event so special.  The skill for the photographer as an event like this is to be in the right location to get the shots, to work with the lighting and to shot images understanding high ISO, back lighting, positioning and more… as you cant use flash photography in those situations.

Recently I got to photograph a band in a studio environment, I had ideas to use gel lighting to create an atmospheric background and was hoping to create some unique looks but it was impossible… Continue reading


Year Two (134) – Working with a Male Model

I got to photograph my first male model recently, for me this was a totally new experience as most people I have photographed have been either female, children or family shots, so I was a little a bit outside my comfort zone. Mat also had not been photographed by a female photographer before I discovered in our conversation, which again I thought was interesting … the model world seems to be dominated with females and the photographer world – men – so it is great to break through those stereo types.

It was a great experience and Mat really pushed me as it turned out when he was not modelling he was a videographer so knew a lot more about light, angles and depth of field that than other models, and that was really interesting… Continue reading

Year Two (131) – On my bike

I had great fun taking photos of Kim and her bike in a traditional photography studio with a white and a black background. I am realizing that getting to know the model is essential to making the shoot go smoothly and in helping everyone feel relaxed and to get nature smiles, and through that communication I discovered that cycling was important to Kim, and that she wanted to be something more than a mum in the images i captured of her.

Today Kim had a stye on one of her eyes, in some images I left it in, in others I decided to edit the image further and have a go at removing it… I think I did a good job, Kim was happy – which is what is important.

Kim 1
On my bike – creative edit

Kim had several different costume changes, Continue reading

Year Two (130) – A Bridal Shoot?

This is just a small selection of images I took of Jodie, she had a wedding dress and she wanted to create some artistic images, something a little bit different and I was up for the challenge.

I was using my canon 27-70mm lens and fairly long zoom and was managing the lighting with off camera flash in a soft box, and I was in the most amazing set location in Weymouth – there was a set with a stream punk feel, as well as another area that reminded me of a church doorway…

With Love

For me the shoot was about experimenting with light to create different moods and then trying to communicate that idea to the model – Jodie was great at grasping my ideas and running with them. Continue reading

Year Two (129) – Christmas is coming

I got involved in a project working with various models to create some themed photoshoots at an amazing studio in Weymouth – the studio is full of different area for taking pictures which means that the backgrounds for the shots can be really varied and interesting….

It was able using the available light or lack or it and creating images that perhaps tell a story.

This photos with Sharon were really relaxed as I had photographed her before and although she had made an amazing costume, I struggled to get the lighting quite right – looking back at the photos, I really should have used a soft box much closer to her, so that the shadow were kinder.  I found myself at times to busy talking to take pictures and therefore I did not spend as much time setting up the shot as I should have done.

I also realised that I needed to work my ISO more … I have shot studio before where it has been a plain background, but here I wanted to include the background, use it to make the story and therefore I need to expose for that properly first before adding my light to highlight the model.

But being festive was fun… and it was fun processing the images afterwards!

Year Two (112) – Studio Shoot about working with models

Sometimes it is great working with other photographers and some times it is a challenge,  … the evening brief was “a night with models in the studio, how to place,communicate and work with models. Cameras will be required and they will be available to photograph during the second half of the evening” Continue reading

Year Two (108) – Grey Card

I used my grey card today to check and set up my exposure for a photoshoot using my Hi-Lite and soft box. It is really easy to do, and it is a great way to ensure that the light is balance correctly.

For the grey card to be exposed properly I am aiming for a peak in my histogram at around the hlaf way point, as that way I can  ensure the grey is exposed correctly…. the other peaks are due to the other artifacts I included in the scene. Continue reading

Year Two (107) – High Key animal portraits on location!

I have just got myself a great new hi-lite box which enables me to create a fantastic studio hi key background in a very minimal space, so I have a portable studio I can take pretty much anywhere, and create amazing hi key images. My challenge is to master putting it back in the bag … but I am sure I will.

Today I experimented with some animal shots… it is great taking animals in a natural setting, but it is also great to be able to take studio shots of them too… lucky for me, my favorite photo buddy has been trained to sit, so to make sure I am happy with the set up… I did some taster shots today, in some of the worse lighting… I am delighted with the results…

High Key Image

The challenge is to get an interesting facial expression on my photo buddies face… to start with he was not that interested. Continue reading

Year Two (88) – Motorbikes

Another opportunity to photograph bikes with the Old Bakery photography group – I say another opportunity as one of the first sessions I attended and blogged about was a motorbike shoot – you can revisit it here – memories from September 2015.