Canon Pro Day – New Forest

I hate early mornings, I really am rubbish at getting up, but photography is about challenges and opportunities to learn so when I was invited along to work with Andy Farerr and David Clapp to learn more about photographing the New Forest, colour management and to experiment with a tilt shift lens for the first time, I had to give it a go… arriving at 3.30am and lectures before a drive through the forest for sunrise… was really out of my comfort zone.

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Year Two (67) – Photos matter

Photos matter – they really do matter – when you are an online business marketing your product then the right image that the person sees when they first click on your page actually makes a difference to whether they read the content or not, and whether that first impression leads to a sell.

I was recently asked to capture some images of a traditional self catering property – I found their web site and I talked to the client – she wanted the photos taken in bright sunshine (a nightmare for photography) – I wanted to photograph them when they were dressed and ready for the next set of guests…

Clients images

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Year Two (64) – Still Smiling in Wales

I have a clever husband – he managed to rig me up a slow warming dry box in the awning of the tent, I removed the media and batteries from my Canon 5D mark III and left my camera there hoping it would somehow magic itself back to life and the Error20 – mechanical failure would disappear.

We left it there, we climbed a mountian, zipped down another and I sadly accepted that my camera would have to wait till I was home to fix it … and then I tried it again. It worked – no error message … so an evening stroll to see if I was fixed!

Evening stroll and finally a view

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Year Two (54) – Puffins

A bucket list opportunity to visit Skomer Island and see the Puffins. Skomer is about 6 hours from where I live, it is an island and only has about 150 people land on it every day – once you are there, you are there until your return boat….  for me that is a real challenge, my son has a medical condition which means he needs support with little notice so to leave him at home, drive for 6 hours, then to catch the boat to the Island and be there for 6 hours before I can return… was risky.

But we did it!

Puffin – popping his head out of the burrow with flash!

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Year Two (50) – Reptiles, Raptors and Owls

I had the opportunity to attend another Photo Experience Day at Liberty’s and had a fantastic time getting up close to a variety of creatures. An experience day is an opportunity to get closer or to be shown a different view of things to photograph – it is not really a day where you are told how to use your camera or how to get the best from it – they is usually a photographer on hand to answer your questions but it is more about providing the opportunity.

The Liberty Eagle – Handled as part of the Adult Falconary Experience Day at Liberty’s in the New Forest

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Year Two (48) – Purbeck Hills and Coast

I escaped for a few days away enjoying the Purbeck Hills and coastline – the challenge for any traveling photographer is what kit to take and what to use … I was really pleased with my selection and think I got it right for the locations I was visiting… so I thought I would share. Continue reading

Year Two (39) – Starting to look at flowers

I am planning to have a few days out in the coming weeks taking photos of flowers – I won’t have any control of the light – other than the direction in which I take  create the images from – I am not in charge of the weather – so whether it is too harsh or not bright enough… I will just have to work with it.

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Year 2 (06) – Salisbury Cathedral

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Day 300 – A different view, a different beach

I wanted to try a comparison shot with the nd filters and with a polarising filter today … so aimed to go prepared and I also watched to capture the beach, some coastal interesting shooting wide. Busy morning planned – I also got to enjoy an 11k walk with hubby and the photo buddies. Continue reading