365 Challenge

The beginning

In 2015, I wanted to improve my photography … a lot of different sites that I have visited over the last few years have mention a challenge where you take a photo a day for a year … I would like to do this, but I feel I need to think about my images more, I want to explore new ideas, revisit old ideas, learn from the experience and challenge myself to become more confident about my photography….

There are hurdles that will make this challenge difficult – read the about me section to find out more… but I was determined to make first 52 posts and then 365 posts about photography….  I hoped to see some improvement by the end of the challenge.

What is my photography like in 2014… these are some of the shots I took which I entered into my local camera club competitions… I was in primary class … I ended the year being promoted to intermediates … so a great reason to learn more.

I completed the challenge  highlights from each month can be seen here:



The journey continues …

In 2016 my photographic journey continued but with random posts and shares with skills I was trying to learn and develop….

I would love to hear your comments:

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