Year Two (98) – A beautiful Building

In 1995 I married my husband in our Parish Church, and recently I was invited back to take some photographs of the building… it is a beautiful church  and was built in 1859. It is a grade II listed building designed by the architect Charles Edward Giles, it has been largely unchanged since it’s original construction, barring the addition of a choir vestry in 1933 and an enlargement of the Lady chapel in 1948, more details of the building can be found at: Continue reading

Year 2 (06) – Salisbury Cathedral

I was not going to blog any more … however I want to keep taking photos and I find myself doing my 6th blog in 18 days … crazy! Continue reading

Day 309 – Highcliffe Castle

On a walk today to Highcliffe Castle – I visited this castle and had printed out this image which I took in May 2012 – and without looking at this photo before had I wanted to take some new photos of the location – at a different time of year – and with my hopefully improved photographic skills to see whether or not I have improved.

Highcliffe Castle - May 2012
Highcliffe Castle – May 2012

Back in May I had bright sunshine, harsh shadows and a lovely blue sky with dappled clouds – today it was overcast… Continue reading

Day 276 – The Rose Bowl Southampton

When you visit an interesting location and have camera with you – it is a great idea to capture the moment. I am not a cricketer – I have never attended a cricket match and have no desire to watch a game or visit a stadium – until today … ad being able to get inside and be the only person there was pretty special. Continue reading

Day 204 – Interesting Building and Photographic Style

On a run the other day, I came across a building in the New Forest that I never knew existed … I was running with a friend, a route that I was unfamiliar with, and the building had never really quite her eye… I wanted to stop and look – instead I returned this morning with my camera to capture it.

The first two image capture the scene – the New Forest woodland …

Trees - ISO800, F16, 1/80 sec
Trees – ISO800, F16, 1/80 sec
Woodland Path - ISO800, F10, 1/80sec
Woodland Path – ISO800, F10, 1/80sec

Then through the trees – there was this:

Hidden building - ISO800, F10, 1/160sec
Hidden building – ISO800, F10, 1/160sec

Can you see it? I am looking at the corner of the building and the woodland behind me is being reflected back at me.

Contrast - ISO800, F10, 1/40sec
Contrast – ISO800, F10, 1/40sec

Moving you can see the contrast between the woodland behind me reflected on the building to the left… and the fence and open space to the right where the building ends. It is a huge building, a couple of stories high and if you look closely you can see through some of the reflections but it is hidden amazingly well.

Refections - ISO800, F10, 1/640sec
Refections – ISO800, F10, 1/640sec

I tried different angles – this shot with natural faming almost makes the building disappear – and I love the fact that a window is open part way along, and top left you can just make out the curtains of the accommodation contained within.

ISO800, F10, 1/100sec
ISO800, F10, 1/100sec

Moving closer, above, I aimed to fill the frame with the reflection … your eye is drawn to the bright light in the centre – but I have no idea what that is a reflection of. I shall have to revisit.

Below, I tried to capture the lines of the building, how the reflection bounces the woodland back at you … I was in open forest, and at this point I feel uncomfortable… I was watching and capturing the building, but suddenly I became aware that someone was watching me … time to move on …. Can you see them?

Refelctions, ISO800, F10, 1/50sec
Reflections, ISO800, F10, 1/50sec

I then returned home to an email from Emma #Remarkable2015 asking “What’s my style” – I am still struggling with that one … but I know that I like to capture the world that I live it, I live in a wonderful place and I want to share it with others … my style is honest, natural (ish) images that make you want to visit, English 🙂

Returning from this morning’s walk I was listening to “The Shires – Made in England” , and that’s me … made in England, there is no place I would rather be! Through social media, the eyes of other photographers, I get to explore the world … but for me nothing beats the beauty of England, there is nowhere I would rather be … and that is what I want to showcase, images that mean something to me 🙂

Day 202 – Interesting structure or not?

Lymington Sea wall has just become the latest home for an Art project called “Look in, Look Out” – The Observatory is touring the country and its latest location is on the picturesque coastal path between Lymington and Keyhaven. It is suppose to be a building or sculptural inspiration that is going to be the temporary home to local artists. You can read about the project here. My aim today, to visit the structure and take some photos of it for myself, and to share with others whom have not yet found time to walk the coastal path. First of all I looked at how it was located within the landscape.. and photographed it from various view points, some angles work better than others… they are big, they attract attention, but they don’t look amazing from every angle and i am glad they are not a permanent feature.

Lymington Observatory - from the outside - various view points
Lymington Observatory – from the outside – various view points

Moving closer and focusing on the details and suddenly they are much more interesting spaces – they add something to the landscape, they give you a different view, some interesting shadows, some great framing effects and some wonderful textures – it will be interesting to visit it in different light.

Lymington Observatory from the Inside
Lymington Observatory from the Inside

The following photo was taken by my daughter …  you regularly see my photos… you rarely see me!

Me - by my daughter
Me – by my daughter

Interesting structure? Art? A blot on the landscape? What are your thoughts….