Year Two (117) – More children

I had the pleasure of photographing another family, shooting in family homes is great fun and a challenge, you have to think on your feet, work with the available light, the available furniture and the child’s own toys, but it add’s a real sense of belonging to the shoot – the photos are unique to that family and mean more because moments of their lives as they are right now.

This is a sneak peak from their photo shoot … and I am now mastering Premier Pro, what a great way to share a preview of an album, with a social media friendly video clip… impossible to print images from, but really easy to share across multi media platforms and leaving the family to see the rest of the album.

It was a lovely afternoon capturing moments like little fingers and little toes, loving smiles and sparkle between adults and children and working flexibly in an environment that encouraged the children to behavior naturally and have fun!

Harry & Jack
Harry and Jack on a family shoot in their own home.

More photo shoots and mini movies are available on me web site –

Year Two (114) – I love photographing children

I love photographing children, it is great capturing their personalities and the magic moments that the parents can look back on… and you never quite know what is going to happen.

Lily 12 Days Old
Lily – 12 days old.

This time I got to photograph a very stylized “Hungry caterpillar”, nanny had made the outfit especially for the shoot, and I have to say that Lily loved it, she was snug, warm and happy to have a snooze …  she was also a pooping and feeding machine .. and regularly wanted more milk and covered everything in poop… we gave up on the bare bum shots…

I was also able to capture her big sisters and mum and dad for some images too … so family photos.

At the same time I have been experimenting with a video style sneak peak to share with clients via facebook and social media… it means the photos are not easy to copy, but they help share the excitement of the shoot …  and adding my own branding to the video was also a creative challenge…

The final gallery is here: Meet Lily and delighted to say the family were delighted!

We drove down from Somerset to have Lily’s pictures taken at just 12 days old, after seeing the fantastic pictures of our nephew that Helen had taken.
Helen was fantastic with lily, really calm and nothing phased her, we even had to stop to feed shortly after the start!
I would highly recommend Helen, not only for the baby shoot, as she’s also fantastic with the whole family, including the teens! We had a lovely afternoon, capturing special family memories in a warm and welcoming environment, thank you so much


Year Two (110) – More Family Fun

I love taking photos of children having fun and I love doing cake smashes.. this time I got to spend the afternoon with the little girl on her birthday to take some great photos… I love the challenges the shoot presents, the interactions and the moments… Continue reading

Year Two (96) – Fun at the Park

A bright sunny day and a trip to the park to capture some memories of a family having fun, it was a great day – lots of challenges, freezing the moment, capturing the dynamic range of the shots, capturing fun – focusing on my subjects and trying to exclude the other people there… and looking at how I can capture a unique view of the occasion.

Hanging Around

Shooting from a low angle Continue reading

Year Two (94) – Studio Children

I love working with flash rather than studio lights as I think it is so much more portable… but you can create the studio high key look really well… but there are some tricks to getting the eye contact that you need to make the image work.

Robberts Family 03
Having fun in the “Peek A Boo” basket and listening for the squeak!

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Year Two (93) – Fun at the park

I love just capturing the moment … using the camera to capture families having fun, enjoy themselves and their children in a natural way… to me these are the shots that tell the story, that capture the moment, the enjoyment and the story…

Some favorite moments from a Family Picnic Styled Photoshoot.

Slides are fun at Moors Valley with mum.
Slides are fun at Moors Valley with mum.

The interaction between mum and child is what makes this image special, bright sunlight always a challenge, but you can see the love and care in the way the mum is supporting the little girl. Continue reading

Year Two (42) – Cake Smash

I love taking photos of young children, especially capturing moments that families can look back on and remember the memories, and I wish I had the skills back when my children were small to capture the images I would have liked to have had, alternatively I wish I had had the money to pay a professional to capture those moments.

Now though – I have become that professional, but with a twist….

Behind the Scenes

I know as a new mum, with three under 18 months, Continue reading

Year Two (31) Netherlands

An incredibly short break in the Netherlands saw us doing over 800 miles in the car and spending some time exploring with our god daughter, it is wonderful to be part of her life – frustrating at how well at 3 year old she can understand English and yet we struggle to communicate anything in Dutch -but it is lovely to see how she has grown through my photography… and also how much my photography has improved between visits.

Just over a year ago – February 2015 – I blogged about the family photos I took, and in the last 14 months Fenna has changed significantly but so has my photography.

The Channel Tunnel

Above we are heading into the channel tunnel – a tricky shot, no flash, it had to be fast enough to freeze the movement but I had to capture the details inside the dark cab of our camper and outside in the train. Continue reading