Bluebell Woods

On previous years I have captured photos of Bluebells, and today I was checking out the location for a possible portrait shoot, with only my nifty 50 to hand – and the frustration that this brought really highlighted the importance of anticipating the shot and taking the right equipment or traveling with a full camera bag.

Bluebell Wood

I love the woodland – but with the nifty 50, I could not zoom in and compress the background, bring the flowers closer together – the dull light of an overcast day though meant great lighting conditions and only very soft shadows.

I focused instead this time of thinking where I would sit subjects within the woodland, how to make the images light and airy… I like a softer style and when I compare the subject with images taken in previous years I can see my composition has improved too!

Bluebells 2017
A bluebell
Woodland Details
Bluebells in the Spring

Year Two (95) – Fields of Yellow

I have notice on my wonder thought facebook some of my friends showing photos of sunflowers and thought I would capture some too… and add some sunshine…

In close - ISO200, F3.5, 1/1250 sec
In close – ISO200, F3.5, 1/1250 sec

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Year Two (65) – Colour

Back home and time to enjoy the flowers … my home town looks pretty and I just thought I would use today’s blog post to share some of the amazing flowers I spotted on my walk into town.

Back on my home patch!

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Year Two (52) – Poppies, after the rain

I found a field of poppies 🙂 right after it rained, which meant that the delicate poppy flowers were suffering from rain and wind damage – so they were not perfect… but as I was a long way from home, I decided that it was still worth taking the opportunity to take some photos.

It was late evening the lights was dull, so it was a question of using the camera’s ISO settings and a shallow aperture to create light or introducing the flash, to create a different look.

F5, 1/160 sec, ISO200, Flash
F5, 1/160 sec, ISO200, Flash

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Year Two (47) – Creative Buttercups…

One challenge of photography is to try and look at things differently – you can easily get in a creative rut by doing the same thing and taking photos at the same angle – so I headed out in the sunshine with my Nifty 50 lens, with the aim to choose a spot – sit down and spend a few moments photography and experimenting with aperture to create a range of different images of the same scene.

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Year Two (41) – Photo Buddy is back!

Photobuddy is back and is the star of today’s photoshoot, I wanted a focal point in the bluebell wood and my border collie was a willing model… well put it this way, he was keen to come for a walk and was happy to have the camera pointed in his direction, whereas the rest of the family really want to these days.

Lying among the bluebells

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Year Two (40) – More flowers

My mum likes to explore gardens, I like to take photos – so today’s challenge was to try and combine the two and to take various photos of the gardens we were exploring. Today’s visit was to Furzey Gardens in the New Forest – it is a charity run garden which is home to  the Minstead Training Trust, which provides residential care and horticultural training to adults with learning disabilities. Continue reading

Year Two (39) – Starting to look at flowers

I am planning to have a few days out in the coming weeks taking photos of flowers – I won’t have any control of the light – other than the direction in which I take  create the images from – I am not in charge of the weather – so whether it is too harsh or not bright enough… I will just have to work with it.

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Year Two (35) – Playing in the Woods

I have been shown one of two different abstract effects recently that I you can take in camera, so this weekend I headed off to visit the bluebells with a prop, and some ideas to try something different.

These are the results of my experiments.

Back in the Bluebell wood
Back in the Bluebell wood

This is the same wood that I visited recently … but there are lots more bluebells out and it is a lot harder to just choose that one perfect flower Continue reading