Year Two (125) – Puppies

Who turns down the opportunity to photograph a 6 week old puppy…  I didn’t.

I was amazed at how fast puppies moved, once you get down to their level they are either running away or heading straight for the camera lens, so a high shutter speed was essential….

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Year Two (96) – Fun at the Park

A bright sunny day and a trip to the park to capture some memories of a family having fun, it was a great day – lots of challenges, freezing the moment, capturing the dynamic range of the shots, capturing fun – focusing on my subjects and trying to exclude the other people there… and looking at how I can capture a unique view of the occasion.

Hanging Around

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Year Two (35) – Playing in the Woods

I have been shown one of two different abstract effects recently that I you can take in camera, so this weekend I headed off to visit the bluebells with a prop, and some ideas to try something different.

These are the results of my experiments.

Back in the Bluebell wood
Back in the Bluebell wood

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Day 358 – Christmas Fun

Not a perfect selection of portraits by any means, but a great team of people who I am lucky enough to have in my life and who really know how to party hard.

Today’s blog – the Christmas party highlights!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Day 333 – 1st Christmas

Another 1st Christmas photo shoot and another very enthusiastic mum who brought along a variety of different outfits so that we could create a variety of different photos. I never realised before how important it is for outfit changes to add variety into the photos. Continue reading

Day 38 – Photos for fun

Today I spent a lovely day out with my family and some of my extended family. We enjoyed a ferry ride, a walk alongside a river, and time at an open day enjoying the trains of a model engineering. I headed out with my canon 60D and my 19-250mm lens and I took photos of things I liked to look at and moments I enjoyed.

During the day I found myself thinking about:

  • Framing the photo with a natural frame
  • Choosing the right aperture for landscapes, where to focus and what happened when I changed location
  • I thought about the light available and the speed of the shutter to capture movement or stillness all handheld

Here’s a selection from today:

Another highlight today was that the perpendicular photo I took last month was selected as one of two photos as “photo of the month” in a Facebook group I belong too … I was really surprised… so I am going to revisit the idea…