January 2017 Highlights…

The highlights from January…

  • I am starting a 52 week challenge set by 2 Lil Owls photography studio as I admire there use of textures …. I would like to experiment with them more this year… the blog post will grow during the year… but will not be revealed to the end of the year
  • I am doing a themed post on the theme Green
  • I am once again following “A year with my camera” with Emma, I think she is great for beginners and it is nice to be reminded of the basics.
  • Product photography for a local company whose photographer let them down.
  • Wheelchair friendly portaits
  • A photoshoot at a local college
  • A photoshoot with a 14 day old baby
  • Teaching modelling techniques and being a model
  • Hearing Gav Hoey talk at Highcliffe Camera Club – third or fourth time I have heard him talk, and I love seeing how he takes an image and develops it live – this time round I was amazed at how easy it all seemed – which shows I have come along way.. still discovered something new though!

June Highlights

Still here… 6 months into my Photo Challenge and I am delighted to still be taking pictures, trying new things, experimenting, repeating ideas and finding out what I like … but I also feel I am finding out where my gapping holes are … I need to

  • Think about my ISO, shutter and aperture triangle more…
  • Think about exposure and the white balance more and use my grey card properly.
  • Think about Light and Understand it more.
  • Continue learning Lightroom

Hopefully some of the ideas will be reflected in the forth coming images … and although I am going to read up more… I am going to do more practical experiments as after all….

Photography is not about having the most cameras, that only shows you’ve got plenty to spend. Photography is not about collecting photobooks, that only shows you appreciate art. Photography is about making photographs, that’s when you are a photographer.

May Highlights

Wow 5 months! 151 days and I am still taking photos and now loving every moment of doing my blog, discovering new opportunities and being creative with my camera. I can’t believe how quickly this year is passing – my youngest children turned 16, my eldest passed his driving test, and I personally have learnt so much about my camera and now I can’t wait to see what the next month brings … I have got so many ideas that I now want to capture…

Anyway here are some of my highlights from May!

April Highlights

April – the fourth month of the year is now over and who would have guessed that I would still be taking photos and writing about it … I have now blogged for 120 days and I have discovered so much:

  • I like to photograph things I like – landscapes, nature, plants
  • I like to capture things that have meaning to me – my dinner, my knitting, my flowers…
  • I like to experiment and try new things
  • I like sunset photos and long exposures
  • I love talking to new mums and photographing babies… I am going to continue with this….
  • I love visiting properties and taken interior shots
  • I am amazed at how quickly seasons and children change… moments are captured and then disappear, I see so much now I think with my camera, and there is just not enough time to capture every moment.
  • I have no plan in the direction of this blog but I am influenced by the photos of others on the various facebook feeds and blogs I follow and they inspire me to keep capturing my year.

I would love to say thank you if you have signed up to follow my blog, it makes such a difference knowing someone is reading (although my spelling & grammar is awful), your comments & likes are appreciated and I hope you enjoy seeing how I develop. I feel I have already improved since January and I know now I want to continue creating pictures.

Highlights from March

The third month of the year – to look back over the last three months, means looking back over 90 days … That is an amazing 90 blogs, 90 photo experiments and learning experiences.

I have enjoyed experimenting with long exposures, getting out and about taking landscape shots, trying new things – solar eclipse, photographing a sphere and having my first look at shutter speeds… next month who knows – but I like the spontaneity of trying new things!

Highlights from February

28 days in February …. the shortest month of the year but a month filled with photographic opportunities…. below you can see some of the highlights of the last month…. and not only that I have photo blogged every day for 2 months – an achievement I am proud of 🙂 I am amazed at the variety of moments, I have tried new things and I have discovered that the more you learn, the more there is to learn!

To look back at January’s highlights then please visit here this page: 365 project – month one!