Year Two (44) -Moments to treasure

Photography for me is about capturing moments, moments that tell a story, moments that one day become memories and moments which at the time can be everyday occurrences – that are easily forgotten as our children grew.

Often as a photographer you get to do head shots, family group shots, weddings, cake smashes, new borns – but for me I love the opportunity to do an informal on location shoot – to spend time with a family and capture moments that just happen, that are fun and are just every day occurrences …

Bounced Flash
Bounced Flash – what a cutie.

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Year Two (37) – Abstract Art

The topics for the Old Bakery are sometimes obscure and a little odd, sometimes you instinctively think that you know what you can create based on that theme,, others a little but more challenging – partly because you have to take all your equipment and props with you, and partly because it is how you incorporate the subject. Continue reading

Year Two (14) – Why photography matters

The Firs

Every business sells itself by the impression it makes to its customers. The first impression that potential customers say is often the online presence – a great web site has to be designed to be mobile friendly, to be SEO and to look great and the first impression starts with the initial image.

I was asked to take some photos today of a self catering property in the New Forest to replace their old images online. Continue reading

Day 360 – Planning your holiday

Happy Boxing Day.

One of the traditions of Christmas seems to be a look ahead at the New Year and with that in mind people often begin to look ahead and where they are going to holiday in the nest year.

In the last couple of weeks I have been working closely with some local self catering accommodation and I was commissioned to take some new photos of their facilities that could be used in their advertising and promotions for the New Year.

If you are interested in more details about this accessible holiday accommodation in the New Forest – please visit their web site:

Day 342 – Christmas at Osborne

A trip to the Isle of Wight and a visit to Osborne House, English Heritage home to Queen Victoria at one of their busiest times of the year is cerainly a challenge for my 365 project. Continue reading