Day 356 – The best camera ever

When I started my journey this year I thought getting a better camera would make me a better photographer… I never imagined what I could learn along the way, I wanted to recreate images that I had seen other people take so assumed I needed to know what camera they used what lens they had, what their shutter sped, ISO and aperture were and with the right ingredients I too could achieve that amazing image.

What is the best camera ever?

It could be a stated of the art full frame camera with an “L” series lens, Continue reading

Day 298 – The Great South Run

Today I  took part in the Great South Run. This is a 10 mile road race and I am doing it to raise awareness of my son’s medical condition. It has been a struggle to get here… 2.5 years go I was 5 stone heavier … I lost weight and than was challenged to run my first 10k, I did that and then decided I’d like to do a bigger event and signed up to do the Great South Run.

I was never a runner. Prior to January 2014 I had never run anywhere. But today I did. Two weeks ago my running number arrived… and in case I could not share photos of it today I created a flat lay to mark the occasion. Continue reading

Day 282 – Remember the essentials.

Today I grabbed my Canon 6Od and my kit lens 18-55mm for a walk on the beach. The idea was to revisit the camera as my daughter has been using it, check the settings and to take some photos. The first thing I noticed today was that it was a lot lighter than the 7D mark II which I have been using for a while.

I just had the idea of playing around with some beach compositions and just being comfortable using it again, I checked the memory card was inplace before I left and saw there was a battery in it – however it was not charged!! No spare. So disaster!

That could have meant no photos today …. BUT Continue reading

Day 217 – 1 day 12 photos

On the 1st Saturday or each month there is an Instagram challenge to post 12 photos, 1 taken every hour on one day – I always thought is was impossible, but on the 1st August I gave it a go… I am behind posting as I have been away… but on the 1st of August I set the timer on my iPhone to go off every hour, and at that point I had to take one photo.

I was spending the day traveling… the plan was to drive 261 miles, stop off at various points on the way… so it would be interesting to see a snap shop of my day, cause the finished images are to go on my Instagram page – they are all square cropped.


PhotoChallenge-IMG_0089-2PhotoChallenge-IMG_0090-3 PhotoChallenge-IMG_0091-4PhotoChallenge-IMG_0092-5 PhotoChallenge-IMG_0093-6 PhotoChallenge-IMG_0095-7 PhotoChallenge-IMG_0096-8PhotoChallenge-IMG_0097-9PhotoChallenge-IMG_0099-10PhotoChallenge-IMG_0100-11 PhotoChallenge-IMG_0101-12

We have a long drive in our camper van, we stopped for walks, met up with friends, drove, drove and drove some more, enjoyed a beach and then spent the evening with more friends. I was glad to be able to create a snapshot of such an interesting day.

1 day 12 photos
1 day 12 photos

Day 48 – Patterns

Today I don’t have the ability to take photos from my DSLR memory card so today I am going to share a few iPhone photos. It is hard not having any control over the camera … But I am going to just have a go at capturing random patterns.








Day 33 – No camera :(

ISO 50, F2.4, 1/120 sec - Iphone - no control at all!
ISO 50, F2.4, 1/120 sec – Iphone – no control at all!

What makes a good photo?

A camera – any camera, but not taking that camera out with you – means that you can not use it to capture the photo at all. It is impossible… so you may see the opportunity and you miss it completely cause you do not have the means to capture it. A good photo relies on having a camera with you.

This morning I headed out on a cold dark dog walk, I left the camera at home, planned to do my regular walk and then – a change of plans, there were loads of dogs in the first field, so I choose a different walk… and this meant I was able to enjoy the frost on the farmers fields whilst watching the sun turn from darkness to dawn and this amazing glow…. and all I had to capture the moment was my camera phone – better than no camera … but I really wanted more control.

What makes a great photo?

The right light, a great composition and control – my phone frustrated me this morning as I could not control the depth of field, the light balance the length of exposure… I would like to had under exposed the sky more, I would have liked a tripod so I could have took two shots and blended them together ….

This morning, I know I did not capture a great photo… but I did capture a moment in time – and I was glad I was there to witness the stunning sunrise and maybe tomorrow I will truddle along with my DSLR too… and no doubt the light with be awful!