A different view of London – 2 days in the capital and a chance to explore a variety of locations all with the G7 camera with the idea to capture to buildings, the moments, and the variety that was on offer, that could offer meaning to me. It was also a chance to visit a bucket list location – the Sky Garden (I would recommend) and some other interesting locations….

Changing of the Guard

We were lucky enough to see the changing of the guard in London – we did not know it was happening, so this highlight the importance of having a camera in your hand, rather than in your bag – means you can capture the moment and the memory! Continue reading

Year Two (113) – London

Trying to get a different view of London is always a challenge and this time I found a view that was new to me…. and during this visit I only really had time for a short walk on the South Bank.

The sky started off grey and uninspiring, I tried looking for patterns and although I loved the pattern of the underside of the bridge near Black Friars, I did not line it up right and to bring back the detail I had to rely on HDR…

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Year Two (60) – London Sights

Following on from the transport of London, I used the opportunity of my visit to record some different views of the familiar sights of London some of which I visited for the first time.

This is Queen Elizabeth park where the London Olympics were held, the sweeping lines and wide spaces provide lots of opportunities to take photos – the challenge is coming up with a special view.

Olympic Park
Olympic Park

I loved the shape of this building – where the swimming was held.  It was a shame about the building work in the background but from afar I thought the mirrored glass was amazing… up close I realised it was tinted. This was a shot where you had to shoot wide otherwise you lost the curves of the building!

The Olympic Park - ISO400, F20, HDR
The Olympic Park – ISO400, F20, HDR

Another icon image of the Olympics – I was disappointed we could not go up, but we had no pre booked… and I was surprised how dull it was all read – I have boosted the reds to enhance the colour … but it is an icon structure among the greenery of the park.

The Olympic Park - ISO400, F20, HDR
The Olympic Park – ISO400, F20, HDR

A closer look at the building… reflecting the sky, capturing the curves and the skyline beyond … I was lucky it was an overcast morning, so I got lots of details in my shadows!

The Olympic Park - ISO400, F20, HDR
The Olympic Park – ISO400, F20, HDR

To prove I was there, a selfie! The glass needs cleaning … but you can see the Olympic Park behind me… and this just caught my eye! A unique view cause I am in it!

A selfie at Olympic Park - ISO400, F20, 1/125sec
A selfie at Olympic Park – ISO400, F20, 1/125sec

Heading off to explore the sights of London, we took in the Science Museum and to be honest the lighting was terrible for good photography… I was disappointed .. I was not really sure who it was pitched at these days and it involved a great deal of looking at screens… very little interaction other than with a screen..

Science museum - ISO1600, F5.6, 1/80sec - locked in their own worlds!
Science museum – ISO1600, F5.6, 1/80sec – locked in their own worlds!

The green open spaces of London for me are always a welcome escape – I love how many people use the spaces to sit, relax and chill and how much work has gone into making them peaceful spots despite the hectic bustle of the city.

London Parks, ISO500, F8, 1/800sec
London Parks, ISO500, F8, 1/800sec

A familiar sight and a red London Bus, pretty much a standard image of London but by using the people in front of me as a leading line… I like to think you can imagine yourself following on behind.

London Sights - ISO500, F8, 1/2000sec
London Sights – ISO500, F8, 1/2000sec

Buckingham Palace – this is a new view of the palace for me… I managed to use the flowerbed accross the road to hide the crowds and frame the building … I could edit out the cranes but to me they are part of the story of London’s skyline.

Buckingham Palace - F14, 1/1250sec ISO500
Buckingham Palace – F14, 1/1250sec ISO500

A different view of the palace – there was no traffic of The Mail, so I got to put my camera on the ground and shoot down it … I really like the different view point.

The view down the Mail - a different view of the palace - ISO500, F11, 1/400sec
The view down the Mail – a different view of the palace – ISO500, F11, 1/400sec

A new sculpture in London since my last visit, by now the light was dropping so by increasing the ISO I could make the most of the end of the day sunlight, as I was handholding the camera – this shot also highlights the importance of looking round, as the view in the other direction was a building you would recognise.

A london monument at St Thomas's - ISO800, F10, 1/640sec
A London monument at St Thomas’s – ISO800, F10, 1/640sec

The Houses of Parliament from a new angle –  it is a hazy shot as I was shooting into sun and the fountain had just been turned off for the evening – but it is a view I would like to revisit in the future.

A different view of the Houses of Parliment - ISO 800, F10, HDR
A different view of the Houses of Parliament – ISO 800, F10, HDR

The South Bank is an area that it always busy and packed with people, so I used the opportunity here to slow my shutter speed and capture the movement of the street along with the static buildings with Big Ben’s tower in the background.

South Bank, ISO100, F20. 1/13sec
South Bank, ISO100, F20. 1/13sec

My final view of London is of a building site near Waterloo – it is amazing how buildings in the capital arrive and disappear, so I created a record shot so I can revisit the area next time I visit.

Changing London - ISO100, F16, 1/50sec
Changing London – ISO100, F16, 1/50sec

I love exploring the capital – so much to photograph .. it is a challenge to choose where to point the camera!

Year Two (59) – London Transport

A trip to London is a great reason to take a variety of photos of transport – as I live in the countryside, visiting a city location offers lots of challenges, so I decided to take a selection of images based loosely around the transport theme, I was limited to my 24-70mm lens and the lighting conditions of the day.

Waiting at the Station - F11, 1/100sec = ISO100
Waiting at the Station – F11, 1/100sec = ISO100

This is my country station – it is on the mainline and currently undergoing building work – I timed the shot to record the train coming into the station, and to capture the curves of the platform. It is a great record shot as the station continues to evolve. Continue reading

Day 324 – Revisit

Prior to starting my blog and 365 project I visited the British Museum and was inspired by the building… it was the first building I truly noticed and was wow look at the light.

My favorite photo from that visit is here – it is on the front page of my blog.


I got to go back and explore again… with the idea that today I would capture a similar photo as well as just enjoying and appreciating the space. Continue reading

Day 323 – What makes a photo, art?

What makes a photo a piece of Art? What makes my photo stand out about anyone else’s, what would make it worthy to hang in a gallery in London (other than me being dead 🙂 ) What makes it more than a record shot,more than just am image …

Tate Modern
Art at the Tate Modern

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Day 322 – Achieve the impossible

Today I have gone online to blog and it is different – word press has had an update and my blogging page looks different behind the scenes and it made me feel slightly uncomfortable – the familiar had changed… but then I realised that it was just a small change and I would soon find my way round…

But change is good… Continue reading

Day 303 – Evening Light in London and HDR

Another challenge, this time low light photography without a tripod in London as dusk approaches.

I thought I would have a go at a couple of HDR images – where you take three images at three exposures – about a stop apart – and merge them together as an HDR image in Lightroom. I have shared the settings on the middle shot. For this to work, I set my camera up so it automatically took three exposures and multi images at the same time so there was less rick of ghosting and camera shake – ideally a tripod should be used. Continue reading