Year Two (99) – Working with an assistant

Working with an assistant is great fun, not only do you have company on the shoot, some one to watch your back whilst you are creating images you also get to have your photo taken in action and you get to exchange ideas.

Our equipment:

  • Canon 5D mark iii
  • 28-300mm  canon lens
  • Canon 7D mark ii
  • Sigma 150-500mm lens

We swapped lens and cameras during the evening to get the shots and looks that we were going for… and I would have said prior to editing the Canon lens was better, but the Sigma got us closer to where we needed to be, especially on the crop camera.. It highlighted the importance significantly of having both cameras set up the same, and having them time synced.

Me – Taken on Canon 5D mark ii, 28-300mm lens taken by my assistant – ISO800, F3.5, 1/800 sec
My Assistant – Taken on Canon 7D Mark iii, 28-300mm lens taken by me – ISO 3200, 1/250sec, F5.6

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Year Two (65) – Colour

Back home and time to enjoy the flowers … my home town looks pretty and I just thought I would use today’s blog post to share some of the amazing flowers I spotted on my walk into town.

Back on my home patch!

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Year Two (35) – Playing in the Woods

I have been shown one of two different abstract effects recently that I you can take in camera, so this weekend I headed off to visit the bluebells with a prop, and some ideas to try something different.

These are the results of my experiments.

Back in the Bluebell wood
Back in the Bluebell wood

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Year Two (27) – A local walk with a different view

Out with my 24-70mm lens and my Canon 5D MarkIII and I am in awe of the different view… I can’t believe how much more I can get in the frame of a good full frame camera and how much that changes the view …. I really and finding I am thinking about my images – really creating pictures and I amazed at just how much more can be included.

ISO100, 35mm, F2.8, 1/5000sec
ISO100, 35mm, F2.8, 1/5000sec

Settings are crucial -above I chose totally the wrong aperture – I was not really paying attention, but I am really impressed with how much sense of space I can include into the image … the path and the wall lead you deep into the image, the people add a sense of scale and the wind even directs the clouds the right way for this photo.

ISO100, F13, 1/160sec, 70mm
ISO100, F13, 1/160sec, 70mm

Using the lens zoomed in compresses the landscape, and although this point the sky is very bland the super low tide helps creating leading curves through the image.

ISO100, 24mm, F13, 1/160sec
ISO100, 24mm, F13, 1/160sec

This is as wide as this lens would go, I got down low to the waters edge and aimed to photograph along the sea wall towards the old pier… the people give a great sense of scale, and I delighted to see there are three groups of couples helping balance the image. If you wait long enough as well, sometimes the clouds appear making the sky much more interesting.

IOS100, 24mm, F14, 1/160sec
IOS100, 24mm, F14, 1/160sec

The old pier and the pipeline out to sea at low tide, something I would not have been able to capture as wide before – I love the detail in the foreground on the rusty pier and the variety of textures I have created…. I think it would be great to enhance this image with a polarising filter … but I have discovered I now don’t have one the right size – because now it is a full frame lens my smaller filters cause a circular shadow round my image … added to my wish list for now….

ISO100, f14, 1/100sec, 50mm
ISO100, f14, 1/100sec, 50mm

Another down low shot, the marshes, the blue sky and people beyond….  I really feel it is a question of experimenting again and again ….

Day 306 – Open spaces and evening light

After exploring the sights of London it was great to come home and to enjoy the open spaces of home. I could not imagine waking up in a city every morning and not enjoying the stunning stretching views that the coast has to offer. Yesterday evening was a Spring Tide which meant that the tide was super low, which meant that the mud was able to offer some great reflections and interesting patterns.

One of the photo buddies and I took a walk in the afternoon … the sun is setting earlier, so it is a question of making the most of the evening light.

Sparky - ISO800, F13, 1/125secs
Sparky – ISO800, F13, 1/125secs

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