May Highlights

The month began with a whole host of new adventures:

  • Theatrical photography
  • A mother and daughter bluebell shoot.
  • London Trip
  • New Born photography
  • 18th Birthday party photoshoot
  • Family location photoshoot with special effects
  • Food Photography

April Highlights

I can not believe how fast the year is going and how quickly my images are changing and developing as I realise how I love taking photos of people, and creating the images into something a little more… highlights include:

  • Fashion shoot at the beach
  • Puppy photos
  • An invitation to Canon HQ
  • A high Key fashion shoot
  • Children’s photography
  • Teenage fashion shoot
  • Choir photography session and headshots
  • Performance Art Photoshoot
  • Woodland Photography
  • Night Photography with a great group of friends

March 2017 Highlights

February was such a short month, that I never got to finish editing my photos… and March is even more exciting…

  • Various portrait shoots
  • Family location shoots
  • Animal portraits
  • London Shoot
  • Editing for a fellow photographer whom I have trained alongside who could rescue an image.
  • Capturing a Christening
  • Teaching ambient and flash to a group of fellow photographers
  • Exploring new locations

February 2017 – Highlights

So what kind of things have I been up to this month:

  • Weddings
  • Live Music Gig
  • Portrait sessions
  • Event photographer for SF Ball sponsored by Starburst magazine and Horror TV, working with some TV Stars
  • Headshave for Teenage Cancer
  • New Born Photography
  • A comprehensive light training workshop
  • Location scouting
  • Night time photography
  • Spring Flowers at the local church

Year Two – December

I am done… for now…

My journey is not complete, but my view has changed, two years ago I started the blog to develop my photography, learn new skills and share my journey …  now my photography, marketing and design business have taken off, my photography skills are opening up doors to new opportunities and my view point and influences are changing…

I may still share occasional posts, but more often that not I am being involved in commercial work and assignments, so it is best to follow my facebook page – and that is where my focus will be … thanks for sharing my journey….

Highlights from December include:

  • My 2016 theme project on the colour yellow
  • Photographing Christmas
  • More portraits
  • Designs and marketing



Year Two – November

Time is going to fast… but I have had an amazing month, the blog is going to have to slow down next year … but I am now loving my photography more and more…. highlights this month include:

  • Puppies
  • Portrait Shoots
  • Weddings and meeting one of the UK’s leading Wedding photographers
  • Autumn Landscapes
  • Remembrance parade with my facebook page going nut with over 5,000 views.
  • Photography moments with friends
  • Invites to Canon Professional Events
  • Night event photography