Midday photoshoot

I recently got to work with an amazing model to create some portfolio images for her –  we decide to meet in the New Forest and at the worst time of day possible – midday in June, when the weather was lovely and sunny.  For me though there was a fantastic opportunity to practice to overcome the lighting conditions to create a variety of images.

Most shots were taken on a 70-200 lens,  with off camera flash either the AD200, the AD360 with the help of a softbox or #Magmods .

Lizzy in the New Forest 37
Country girl in the New Forest National Park.

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Year Two (97) – Off to the Zoo

Marwell Zoo, August, a hot sunny day and a photographic challenge – not only were the animals hiding from the sunshine … when they were outside there was harsh shadows to deal with, lots of people bustling around and a real restriction in the ability to get the shot I wanted.

The animals were more active by the end of the day but photographically there were some huge challenges to overcome… Continue reading

Year Two (96) – Fun at the Park

A bright sunny day and a trip to the park to capture some memories of a family having fun, it was a great day – lots of challenges, freezing the moment, capturing the dynamic range of the shots, capturing fun – focusing on my subjects and trying to exclude the other people there… and looking at how I can capture a unique view of the occasion.

Hanging Around

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Year Two (38) -Too much light

I live in a wonderful part of the world – the New Forest is a fantastic National Park and today I headed over in the afternoon sunshine to capture the landscape around the capital of the New Forest – Lyndhurst!

The New Forest

Lyndhurst is a major access route to the New Forest, there is a High Street and a fantastic free museum – but there is very little in the high street to temp visitors – a few gift shops and then about 20 different coffee shops / cafes / ice cream parlours to choose from – the perfect stopping point after a forest walk.

A couple of years ago this time of day would be have been the ideal time to take photos in my mind, but how wrong was I – the bright almost cloudless sky creates very little interest, the shadows are very dark and harsh beneath the forest donkey’s – they are short but they don’t add any depth to the image.

A Forest View
A New Forest Donkey

Changing view points makes the photos look more interesting, it is about trying to capture a different angle from other visitors to this popular spot but they don’t really have the wow appeal….

It is a beautiful day, I love feeling the warmth of the sunshine and enjoying being out of doors and exploring the area, looking for new angles and new ideas – but I find myself wishing the light was less harsh … maybe I really do not to consider some early mornings or late evenings to explore….

Boltens Bench

Day 361 – 18th Birthday

Happy Birthday Jake – 18 today…  we took a rare opportunity to escape as a family of five and take a few random photos to celebrate that there are now three adults in our household.


I was allowed for once to get them all to let me take head shots… but I literally only had a second or two and hand to hand the camera over to hubby to ensure I was included. What a great bunch of people, I am proud they are mine.

I also tried to get some candid photos, and I glad to say none of them are too old to still have fun.


Day 357 – Christmas Carols

To help with the festive mood I visited a nearby market town to enjoy the Christmas carols organised by the Romsey Lions Club, I had my DSLR but no one really had a camera so instead I opted for hubby’s new camera and a scene mode – which meant it only capture the photos in jpg.

I converted them into black and white in Lightroom to add a more timeless feel.

The scene mode used a very shallow aperture to take a series of quick photos at a range of exposures and then processed them together in camera – it enabled me to take some atmospheric record shots of a very busy event.

Romsey Christmas carols
Romsey Carols
A festive selfie
Romsey Carols
The hymn sheet

Merry Christmas ….