Year Two (130) – A Bridal Shoot?

This is just a small selection of images I took of Jodie, she had a wedding dress and she wanted to create some artistic images, something a little bit different and I was up for the challenge.

I was using my canon 27-70mm lens and fairly long zoom and was managing the lighting with off camera flash in a soft box, and I was in the most amazing set location in Weymouth – there was a set with a stream punk feel, as well as another area that reminded me of a church doorway…

With Love

For me the shoot was about experimenting with light to create different moods and then trying to communicate that idea to the model – Jodie was great at grasping my ideas and running with them. Continue reading

Year Two (88) – Motorbikes

Another opportunity to photograph bikes with the Old Bakery photography group – I say another opportunity as one of the first sessions I attended and blogged about was a motorbike shoot – you can revisit it here – memories from September 2015.

Year Two (86) – Water Play

Toddlers are fun, two little boys playing in a paddling pool is great fun, but as I had no choice over the setting and we were in bright sunshine with a bright pink paddling pool, the shoot cause for some creative thinking – a reflector put the pool in the shade, adding some fill flash brighten up the shadows and turning the images into black and white created a timeless feel.

Paddling Pool Fun
Boys having fun!

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Year Two (30) – Almost One

A special friend of mine is one on Monday… and I got to have him all to myself at the weekend… so it was time to take some natural baby shots or play – I love this kind of photography, not staged, just natural – capturing moments that a parent would treasure and I really wish I had the camera skills I have now when my own were at this stage.

I had a special morning, we ate, we explored, we discovered, we played and we napped … a great morning for Freddie and some great expressions to enjoy…

Breakfast time
On the move
In the garden
Freddie – exhausted!

Hopefully he will come and play again soon. Happy First Birthday Freddie!

Day 329 – Commercial Shoot

The other day I was working alongside local New Forest make up artist Louise Audrey with the idea that I would capture her at work – and she made up a stunning model. Continue reading

Day 326 – Boudoir – part two

Yesterday I shared a behind the scenes look at a boudoir session, today is some of the edited images that I got from the evening.

ISO100, F5.6, 1/125 sec - using the studio lights
ISO100, F5.6, 1/125 sec – using the studio lights

I had gone along to the session feeling out of my comfort zone but I had some clear ideas in mind Continue reading

Day 321 – Outdoor Portraits

Outdoor portraits with off camera flash is an area I am currently exploring. I think it is really important to be able to achieve the image that you want to create and take control of the light wherever you are. The hardest part about outdoor shoots is finding someone willing to be photographed, who has time to be photographed and who is willing to listed to direction.

I have been listening and watching other photographers and I am learning how to get the model to look where I want them to, so today I put some of that into practice.

Outside portraits - ISO100, F4.5, 1/160sec - bounced flash
Outside portraits – ISO100, F4.5, 1/160sec – bounced flash

My aim was to focus in on a close up of the models face, to create catch lights in his eyes and neutralise the background so the focus was on the person. I wanted to use a shallow depth of field so that the background would drop away, but I want to include enough information that you can appreciate you were on location.

outside portraits - ISO100, F3.2, 1/250sec - bounced flash
outside portraits – ISO100, F3.2, 1/250sec – bounced flash

I had to be careful not to go to shallow with the depth of field and to position myself carefully with the bounced flash not to get a reflection in the glasses, and to make sure that I focused in on his eyes and not the glasses – this mean I had to select a single focal point on my camera and place it accurately.

From above (he stood in the ditch!) ISO100, F3.2, 1/250sec
From above (he stood in the ditch!) ISO100, F3.2, 1/250sec

I also wanted to experiment with camera angles – taking a photo from above rather than below, in this case the background is really simplified – the diagonals rum strongly through the image – but as well as reflections I need to be aware of whether my angle effects where the glasses are position across the eye.

Leaning against the building - ISO100, F3.2, 1/250sec
Leaning against the building – ISO100, F3.2, 1/250sec

I moved further away, and changed direction for this image – an important factor to consider, not only can the model move but the photographer can too, in this case by moving I have been able to capture the model against a plain textured background, you loose the sense of location, but your focus is very much on the person, perhaps it he was not leaning against the building but with a few steps between I would have got a better sense of depth.

Leading lines - ISO200, F4.5, 1/400sec
Leading lines – ISO200, F4.5, 1/400sec

By increasing the shutter speed to ISO 1/400 and choose high speed sync for my flash, I am able to darken down the background and add a different mode to the image – I wanted to continue the off camera experiments I started the other day.

Directed flash dialed down, F4.5, 1/2000sec, ISO100
Directed flash dialed down, F4.5, 1/2000sec, ISO100

In the photo above I directed the flash directly at the model, but dialed in down 2 stops – I would have liked to soften it in a diffuser, but it was too windy, I increased the shutter speed to 1/2000 sec so that the background was really darkened down and used the flash to light my subject. This is what I was hoping for, and I managed to achieve the shot without creating any reflections in  the models glasses.

Photographing people with glasses.

Working with someone with glasses can add additional problems, as often you get reflections off of glasses which can ruin the look on the photo and make editing photos a nightmare – so it it important to know how to prevent this happening.  It is all to do with the angle of incidence and the angle of reflection… and all you need to do is change the angle of the flash … watch this video to find out more.

Day 315 – Night Time Party

A great challenge to undertake – an evening party to celebrate Fireworks, in an unknown venue with an unknown schedule so it really was the opportunity to think on my feet and create images that captured the evening.

Night time Party
Night time Party

The evening challenge included: Continue reading

Day 301 – London Underground

A few days away so I want to share with you some icon photos from London. My first thought was to capture the underground – now to capture images on the underground is an interesting area – permits can be required if wanting to take professional images but there seems to be no ban on adhoc photography as long as a tripod and a flash are not used, and that you stop if requested to do so. A lot more guidelines can be found here – Photographing the underground

I was not going to plan my shots, rather just carry my camera and take a photo of a moment. I just wanted to capture my day and not really identify anywhere where the photos were taken. I wanted to capture the mood of underground in off peak travel. Continue reading