Year Two (111) – Nakd

Mmm… nakd photography…  this shot is all about keeping the camera settings exactly the same and just moving the light and of course nakd … so read on 🙂 Continue reading

Year Two (109) – Still Life

Straight out of camera shots for product photography, getting the right light in camera makes editing a doodle – well, actually it reduces the editing to about nothing… today I was reinforcing the basics:

  • Set the white balance with the grey card
  • Exposing the background so the whites were white but not blown
  • Lighting the foreground so shadows were minimal
  • Experimenting with surfaces

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Year Two (108) – Grey Card

I used my grey card today to check and set up my exposure for a photoshoot using my Hi-Lite and soft box. It is really easy to do, and it is a great way to ensure that the light is balance correctly.

For the grey card to be exposed properly I am aiming for a peak in my histogram at around the hlaf way point, as that way I can  ensure the grey is exposed correctly…. the other peaks are due to the other artifacts I included in the scene. Continue reading

Year Two (106) -Product Photography

I went along to meet up with a small group of photographers in Fareham to have fun with flash, as I find it really beneficial to work with other photographers and learn some tips from those that are willing to share their knowledge. Simon was a great host and was able;e to gauge the ability of different group members really well, he had brought along a whole host of materials, gave us some great tips on how to create a consistent image and I picked up a few tips along the way. Continue reading