Year Two (127) – How technology has changed.

I visited my father in law this week and I got to admire his new collection! He started his life out as a photographer – a forensic photographer working for the Met in London before he retired, and although he no longer is taking images regularly he is interested in perhaps going back and re entering the dark room and old technology and has been spending his time looking up his old cameras and rebuying them on ebay.

It is amazing how technology has changed, chimping was unheard of, every shot mattered and working in low light on crime scenes was an impossible challenge… what he would have given for changeable ISO let alone the capabilities of today’s camera. Continue reading

Year Two (43) – Controversial

Today’s post is more controversial than usual, it is not necessarily a nice topic and perhaps is not for the person who is easily offended – so if you are then please do not click read more…

However there are times when all photographers have to photograph things outside there immediate comfort zone, maybe they need an image that tells a particular story, something they feel uncomfortable with, the challenge then is to decide whether to publish those images or whether just to hide them away…

Behind the scenes
Behind the scenes

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Year Two (24) Dry Ice and flowers

Old Bakery photoshoot time … and this week there was a lot of new members and plenty of familiar faces… this week we had three set ups- Richard focused on bubbles, had a bubble machine running and was encouraging people to capture a bubble, John was playing with water droplets on flowers with a white background and I was asked on the evening to set up a shoot with dry ice.

Red Food Colouring and Dry Ice – Side flash off camera with trigger

Dry Ice is FUN! Continue reading

Year Two (22) – Off Camera Flash

Last night I spend the evening with mt Canon 7D mark ii, my Canon 600 Ex-RT Speedlite and my new C-stand, which enables me to use the flash off camera in better positions, and I can already see what a difference in will make to the images I create.

I tried something new last night, I set the 600Ex-rt up as a slave and triggered if from the camera flash – keeping the camera flash and very low power so that it did not effect the lighting of my subject – I experimented with still life and smoke – aiming to capture interesting low key shots with atmosphere.

Coffee Crisis

This week we had a crisis – the coffee machine stopped working – anyone who knows me, knows that this is series … I really fussy about my coffee and import it in from France – so desperate messages called for a new machine …. however when I saw this miniature espresso cup in town, I knew it summed up my week and I wanted a photo. Continue reading

Day 341 – Studio Still Life

Thanks to Sue making some amazing mince pies, and Tim’s help with the lighting, I had the opportunity to do some great still life, not forgetting of course Mike’s tip for a great background….

Setting the scene
Setting the scene

So this is the setup in studio… Continue reading

Day 339 – Bokeh again or maybe Fairy Lights!

Bokeh again… I know but Christmas time is the perfect time to experiment and this time I was at the Old Bakery Studio doing still life set up… and I had a couple of ideas I wanted to try. Continue reading