Day 315 – Night Time Party

A great challenge to undertake – an evening party to celebrate Fireworks, in an unknown venue with an unknown schedule so it really was the opportunity to think on my feet and create images that captured the evening.

Night time Party
Night time Party

The evening challenge included: Continue reading

Day 301 – London Underground

A few days away so I want to share with you some icon photos from London. My first thought was to capture the underground – now to capture images on the underground is an interesting area – permits can be required if wanting to take professional images but there seems to be no ban on adhoc photography as long as a tripod and a flash are not used, and that you stop if requested to do so. A lot more guidelines can be found here – Photographing the underground

I was not going to plan my shots, rather just carry my camera and take a photo of a moment. I just wanted to capture my day and not really identify anywhere where the photos were taken. I wanted to capture the mood of underground in off peak travel. Continue reading

Day 274 – Camera Phones

Street photography is still something I am not very comfortable with – I have tried it before, and today I had the opportunity to try it again.  I was in Southampton shopping with my daughter, I sat down on a bench and watched the people going about their business and started taking photos. Continue reading

Day 201 – Forest Walk

Another forest walk… capturing moments.

This is the Ornamental Drive in the New Forest – it is popular with tourists of all descriptions, from cyclists to walkers, families and couples and is home to the tallest trees in the New Forest National Park, rarely do you see a police car and today I did. I grabbed a quick shot, and I think the people and the cars give a really great impression of how tall the trees are, when you can just see part of the trunk on the left hand side. It is an impressive place to explore.

iso800, f6.3, 1/250 sec
iso800, f6.3, 1/250 sec

This is one of the tallest trees, it was planted back in 1859 – so has been growing in the New Forest for over 156 years! it is quite a challenge to capture it, as you need to shoot wide to include the height of the tree, there are limited view points and harsh shadows to deal with – I exposed for the highlights and detail in the sky and then brought back the detail in the foreground in photoshop.

iSO800, F22, 1/160sec
iSO800, F22, 1/160sec

From the tallest to the smallest… The forest is full of hugs trees but it is the small details that add to the unique nature of the forest, and using my camera has opened my eyes are much more.

This is my first ever photo of a dragonfly … my camera club recently went out looking for dragon flies, but I did not tag along – instead I stopped by a forest stream and spotted this lovely creature land on a log in front of me, I zoomed in (and I have cropped) and am delighted with this shot – but they move soo quickly! I think I may well have another go… (there is an article on shooting dragonfiles here) I shot this photo with my zoom lens, it would be interesting to see what i could shoot with a macro lens!

ISO800, F6.3, 1/500sec
ISO800, F6.3, 1/500sec

Another small object – I had never seen a butterfly so big…. then I realised it was two – either that or it has two heads 🙂

ISO800, F5.6, 1/2500sec
ISO800, F5.6, 1/2500sec

I recently read an article about reflections, and with the sunlight reflecting on the forest stream – my finger once again hit the trigger and wanted to capture the image before me – what I really did discover though is to make the reflections look amazing a few slides of the sliders in Lightroom did wonders … and I even discovered how to create my own preset!

ISO600, F10, 1/50sec
ISO600, F10, 1/50sec
ISO800, F14, 1/20sec
ISO800, F14, 1/20sec

I just love the forest! Early in the year, I tried street photography … back at the begging of my blog… and today with no street’s in sight, I had another go – I wanted to capture what some people love about the New Forest – how it is a [perfect place for families and friends to spend time together – a place where children play with their imaginations, and grownups relax together.

ISO800, F8, 1/125 sec
ISO800, F8, 1/125 sec
ISO800, F8, 1/200sec
ISO800, F8, 1/200sec

Day 200 – Carnival Time

Today was Lymington Carnival, organised by the Lymington Lions, and a truly amazing event. There was a fantastic procession through the High Street and around Lymington and then a fundraising fete in the sports field which was extremely well attended. I went along with my camera and captures a few photos…

This morning I read a well timed article – delete ruthlessly – what great timing… I took over 250 images today … so I am sure you are delighted I have only shared 36!  The sun was bright, so lots of shadows to deal with, and there was so much happening, to capture the essence of Lymington Carnival I took lots of photos. I hope you have enjoyed sharing the day with me. My favorite shops are ones where:

  • The people mean something to me
  • I have gone in close and captured the expressions on peoples faces
  • The ones that are fun and show the atmosphere of the event
  • Shooting wide and posed shots did not work for me today … just observing and capturing the moment!

I have been asked to share some more – so if you head over to Facebook – I have posted some more there: – you are welcome to like and share!

Day 58 – Capture the event

Today I took my mum along to the “Make it” and “Knit & Stitch” event at Farnborough, I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to take photos or not, but I wanted to try if I could perhaps capturing some of the colour of the event,  some of the characters, or even some of the atmosphere. I knew it was an indoor event, and that it may be crowded so I choose to put my Sigma 17-70mm lens on my camera … with the assumption that I may have to be close up to what I focused on.

One of the things I tried was filling the frame with colour. I loved the way the material was haphazardly piled up, and how the material behind made a great background with the camera down low…  the beads showed great colour and an interesting pattern, although looking at now they labels are too distracting, and I feel my depth of field was too shallow… and the coloured paper is really bright and colourful, but may have been stronger if I was able to take it more horizontally…

ISO400, F2.8, 1/400sec - material rolls
ISO400, F2.8, 1/400sec – material rolls
ISO 400, F3.5, 1/125sec - Colour Beads
ISO 400, F3.5, 1/125sec – Colour Beads
ISO 400, F4, 1/125 sec - Colour Papers
ISO 400, F4, 1/125 sec – Colour Papers

I then tried to capture movement, the action and atmosphere of the exhibition hall …

ISO 400, F3.5, 1/500 sec
ISO 400, F3.5, 1/500 sec

My mum was concerned about how I could capture pictures of people I did not know – when you see the above photo taken at a 17mm focal length, you can see that the subjects got really close to the camera without noticing, the trick I think is to hold it low and use it with confidence – no one challenged me, and some people even offered to move out my way or waited if I had the camera near my face… so more candid shots needed to be done discretely, with the camera low and using the live view mode.

I turned down the ISO to as low as I could for my camera and I increased the shutter speed by increasing to the widest aperture … it was a bit risky as I was hand holding, but by getting down low and resting the camera on me as I sat still on the floor, I got some interesting results.

ISO200, F20, 0.5 sec - notice the pink shopper stays still while others move.
ISO200, F20, 0.5 sec – notice the pink shopper stays still while others move.
ISO 200, F29, 0.5sec
ISO 200, F29, 0.5sec – the wheelchair stays still, well the people mover around…
ISO100, F25, 2secs
ISO100, F25, 2secs – lots of ghosts of non-existent people on this longer shutter speed.
ISO200, F20, 1 sec - I like hos the bright colours draw your attention.
ISO200, F20, 1 sec – I like how the bright colours draw your attention.

I like how you have got some people moving and others are more static, it was interesting to notice that people appeared to move more when they got closer to the lens, and I was surprised I was able to do this without a filter on the camera… considering how light it was.

Then I focused on the people there, at times I wish I could get closer with my zoom, but I couldn’t, and I found it really interesting watching the interactions and behaviours of different people. I never realised what a bland colour palette crafters are – you would have thought with that creativity following through them, they would stand out slightly more…

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Today highlighted you can develop your photography skills anywhere, people really don’t notice, the interactions between people are interesting and can tell their own stories, some people are more interesting and less bland than others, eye contact or perceived eye contact can make a picture stronger,

Day 22 – Street Photography Challenge

Quick Research this morning:

  • street photography is a type of candid photography done in a public place, be it a street, a restaurant or even public transport” – so that is what I am aiming for, and ideally he tells a story….
  • More tips – this has lead me choosing a wider lens and taking a ND filter just in case, and to be confident and not ask first! If in doubt … don’t take!
  • Shutter Speeds – I like the idea of slow shots shown on this site, conveying the movement of the area … I am going to take an 8ND filter with me…. in case I need it….

I have never tried street photography till today – always been uncomfortable with the idea … some of the results are below:

Conclusion: It was not as scary as I thought it would be … most people don’t notice you have a camera and if you stand talking to a friend then nobody notices at all… not one person asked what I was doing, or challenged me – I think I was lucky … but it does show how unaware people are … interestingly what struck me the most was high isolated people are – the majority of people sat or walking along were attached to a device … the view is much better without the device there!

A new article about street photography can be found here: Street photography